Thursday, March 29, 2012


There is inspiration every where you look! Sometimes I get a great idea from something mundane...
Inspiration: My three dollar rag rug from the hardware store

Creation: My "Abacus" Necklace.. buy this bad boy here


Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Yikes! My first blog post EVER. Not quite sure how to start or what happens next! HTMwhat? Oh well, I'll just start rambling and go from there...
WELCOME!!  Is there anyone out there? I'm Rachel..coming at you from Austin, TX. I am starting this lovely piece of babble as on online journal to record and share the creative projects I take on each day.  Being creative is my THING...the little VOICE that keeps me up at night when I should be sleeping, but instead has me remodeling my neighbors living room in my head while my hubby snores away.
I've learned I can live without many things but I cannot live without daily creative inspiration...this blog is my attempt to bring that inspiration to you...Please, follow along and share your thoughts!