Wednesday, April 25, 2012


In my world, every problem can be solved with spray paint or string.
Case in point: I want these:  Gucci Gold loafers..approximately $400

So I can rock this look:

But I have these: Super boring, orthopedic black loafers leftover from retail days:

So I did this:

And it made these:

Follow up:  I got a couple wears out of these before they started looking pretty scuffed and dull..perhaps a topcoat of clear...or perhaps stick to a strappy sandal that requires less surface area? 
Either way, I felt pretty clever bouncing around in my spray-painted loafers. 



It is true..everyone steals from everyone. I can't lie, I get TONS of my best inspiration from Anthropologie. I wait, salivating by the door, for my catalog every month and look at it about 800 times. Each time I flip through it, I see something new that inspires another idea in my brain. 

Inspiration: Sidra and Tethered Stele Necklace, November 2011 Catalog

Sketch of One Man's Trash versions: 

Final Product: Rock Candy Swinging Agate here


Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Subject: Janky patio table we bought last year at an antique/junk shop in north Austin. 
Before:  Chipping stain, missing umbrella..boring boring 

Beautification Efforts: Sawed off the legs to be "chillin height", added a coat of all-purpose primer, 2 coats of leftover paint from the bedside table project, and...Voila!!

After: Lovely, fresh, spring green patio table:

And...All Styled up for patio pow wow:


Monday, April 23, 2012


So if you know me, you already know that I am not a traditional person. I married my husband in a gay cabaret theater and I didn't have bridesmaids (You know who you are!;)) I would never buy matching furniture and my dishes are a mix and match of things I love, however, there is something I have always loved about blue and white china, which I believe to be VERY traditional. The intricate patterns and classic color scheme..honestly who doesn't love blue...just speak to me. This weekend I scored a blue damask storage ottoman at a yard sale for FIVE BUCKS. mint condish. I had planned to use it to stylishly contain the toy-nado that sweeps through this small space each day, as seen below, but now I am thinking of hauling our wood coffee table out to the garage, until the Bug gets a little older, and using it in our living room. In toddler vs. coffee table always wins.  

A few snaps of my blue and white obsession...

The SCORE from this weekend...Hello Ernie

Some lovely vessels mixed into my garden..the Goodwill price tag occasionally shows up..oops

Frida keeping watch over my kitchen potions

This serving platter that we bought on our honeymoon in Isla Mujeres looks best with a buttload of guacamole in it.

This giant vase that I bought on ultra clearance ages ago and now fill with random Texas brush that I find on stroller walks

One of MANY vessels for holding jewelry in front of a stack of pictures waiting to be hung. I removed the pile of dirty tea cups and wine glasses for your viewing pleasure. You're welcome.

Kleenex. Not sexy but you gotta have em so they may as well come in a purty box.
And..this yummy vintage Japanese ginger jar I am lusting for on Etsy. Me wants.

Hope your Monday is a little less blue...


Wednesday, April 4, 2012


As I am approaching my 100th sale in my Etsy shop, I feel it is necessary to do a big WOOHOO and celebrate this little milestone. I remember when I got my first sale. I was feeling discouraged that no one had bought anything and doubting myself and my work. I asked my hubby if I should keep investing time and effort into this little project. (He said YES by the way--good man) Later that day I sold a necklace. It is important for all artists to trudge on when they are feeling discouraged. Imagine if Picasso, or Van Gogh or Andy Warhol had quit after their first painting!  I can thankfully say I have gotten much better since I started almost a year ago and more importantly I LOVE IT. That is the most important part of the artistic process. 

A few of my favorites: 





BRASS KNOCKER NECKLACE featured on page 24 in the Washington Post Express
Sooooooo exciting!

100 sales is more than enough kudos to keep my going! Thanks to all who've helped, purchased, and given me lots of "trash" to make into treasure



I don't know about you, but I love a good before and after picture! It fills your mind with all of that potential when you look at your ugly, outdated (fill in the blank) and somehow see it transformed into your new favorite (fill in the blank). I intend to saturate this blog with befores and afters. Here's one now...

BEFORE: Wood dresser with outdated orangey stain and mismatched uggo hardware says, "Hey, I came from a dorm room 14 years ago." You do the math. It does, however, have nice architectural details and usable drawers. 

BEAUTIFICATION EFFORTS: light coating of all-purpose primer (buy the indoor/outdoor so you can use it on multiple projects...I've got my eye on you, patio table)

Remove hardware and spray to match. I did an antiqued brassy gold from Rustoleum because I have it lying around, but black or a bright color would be fun too. 

I am really feeling the spring green trend right now. Two coats of indoor/outdoor gloss paint in Behr Geranium Leaf (a quart will literally do about 5 pieces of furniture) and replace hardware. Cheaptastic Tips: Pick a color that can be used or mixed with other leftovers for another project you've been planning and have it color matched to a less expensive brand..I believe this is America's Finest from Home Depot. 

AFTER: Ta Da!! Ugly outdated dorm style dresser now says, "Fresh, trendy, bedside vanity just waiting for new wine stains" 

Final photo coming soon after I "style it up."  

Monday, April 2, 2012


We all know Mondays kind of suck. Hubby goes back to work and I go into full alert mode keeping the Bug from sticking her toys in outlets, catapulting off the furniture, dialing outdated contacts in my cell phone, crawling in the dog kennel, and general havoc-wreaking while also keeping our 100 lb Labrador (who is ironically afraid of dogs, people, mail, birds, squirrels, and toddlers crawling in kennels) from having a nervous breakdown. I miss having that second pair of eyes on the troops, eating a meal on a plate,  and showering with the door closed. Generally the mood around the house on Monday is blue..

I'm dedicating Mondays to everything beautiful and blue...Today.. A little aqua swirlyness. It's a word I swear.

Lovely French Pastille Box from this vintage shop

This rug is SICK. And this room makes me dizzy in a good way. From House of Turquoise

Old goodies from my shop

TONS of aqua swirlyness in this shop