Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I don't know about you, but I love a good before and after picture! It fills your mind with all of that potential when you look at your ugly, outdated (fill in the blank) and somehow see it transformed into your new favorite (fill in the blank). I intend to saturate this blog with befores and afters. Here's one now...

BEFORE: Wood dresser with outdated orangey stain and mismatched uggo hardware says, "Hey, I came from a dorm room 14 years ago." You do the math. It does, however, have nice architectural details and usable drawers. 

BEAUTIFICATION EFFORTS: light coating of all-purpose primer (buy the indoor/outdoor so you can use it on multiple projects...I've got my eye on you, patio table)

Remove hardware and spray to match. I did an antiqued brassy gold from Rustoleum because I have it lying around, but black or a bright color would be fun too. 

I am really feeling the spring green trend right now. Two coats of indoor/outdoor gloss paint in Behr Geranium Leaf (a quart will literally do about 5 pieces of furniture) and replace hardware. Cheaptastic Tips: Pick a color that can be used or mixed with other leftovers for another project you've been planning and have it color matched to a less expensive brand..I believe this is America's Finest from Home Depot. 

AFTER: Ta Da!! Ugly outdated dorm style dresser now says, "Fresh, trendy, bedside vanity just waiting for new wine stains" 

Final photo coming soon after I "style it up."