Monday, April 2, 2012


We all know Mondays kind of suck. Hubby goes back to work and I go into full alert mode keeping the Bug from sticking her toys in outlets, catapulting off the furniture, dialing outdated contacts in my cell phone, crawling in the dog kennel, and general havoc-wreaking while also keeping our 100 lb Labrador (who is ironically afraid of dogs, people, mail, birds, squirrels, and toddlers crawling in kennels) from having a nervous breakdown. I miss having that second pair of eyes on the troops, eating a meal on a plate,  and showering with the door closed. Generally the mood around the house on Monday is blue..

I'm dedicating Mondays to everything beautiful and blue...Today.. A little aqua swirlyness. It's a word I swear.

Lovely French Pastille Box from this vintage shop

This rug is SICK. And this room makes me dizzy in a good way. From House of Turquoise

Old goodies from my shop

TONS of aqua swirlyness in this shop