Thursday, July 5, 2012


A few days ago I posted about my fabulous flea market finds, including a rag-tag wood-bead chandelier that I got for ONE DOLLAR.....ONE....DOLLAR... I'm still giddy. I could hardly wait to get it all fixed up for my living room. Here it is again for the seats in the back..
First I gave it a good cleaning as it was rather dusty and then I set to work untangling and reattaching strands. Most were still there but had come unhooked in one place or another. In the end 2 strands were missing but I was able to move a few unnecessary swags at the top and make it work. I carefully went through each joint and tightened with a jewelry pliers and shuffled the wood tassels so that there were enough to hang  from each point. (WOOD TASSELS!!!)

Once the pieces were in place, I dusted it with a little gold metallic spray paint for shimmer because, well, I am the poster girl for gold metallic spray paint. It added a slight sheen to the dull and faded wood beads but didn't ruin its "vintagey quality"

Next I rummaged through the jewelry supplies..of which there are many..and found some big, green, chunky faceted teardrops, taken from an old Forever 21 necklace that I decided was too tacky...even for me..  They became chandelier jewelry and picked up the yummy greens and blues in our living area. I hung it dead center of the room
Wallah!! Super sassy chandelier (faux) for my living room. Pardon the super weird lighting and single light bulb I have not removed. I was thinking I may stick candles in there instead? Hmmm...