Sunday, July 1, 2012


When we moved into this duplex (It's a lovely brick side by side and our landlord has been kind enough to give me creative freedom) it was all kinds of beige. For me, the only thing worse than beige is well, beiger.  Slowly but surely we've (I've) painted every square inch of it--some of it twice--and most recently I attacked the entryway. The walls goes up a staircase and there is an arm rail that had to be removed so I've been procrastinating. It is such a focal point of the room. Here is the before shot:  

The plan: To create an abstract mural-like design that has a wallpapery feel but is easily removed when we move out. There are usually 6 degrees of separation between everything right? Well, I didn't come up with this idea on my own. I think brilliant, wackadoodle designer, Kelly Wearstler, did it first here: (Except hers is wallpaper and a trillion dollars a roll)

Then, Jamie Meares, the insanely funny designer/blogger behind Furbish did it here:

Then, the lovely, blogging, butt-kicking, fellow Texas mama, Sarah Greenman from La Maison Boheme did it here: 

And lastly, I bribed the Man to take our toddler to the grocery store for our weekly run (bold, very bold) while I busted out this version: 

I think it needs some great art under the light fixture and a little rug at the door but all in good time. All in good time...stay tuned.