Monday, July 30, 2012


It is obscenely hot here in the great state of Texas. Here are a few beautiful blue rooms I'd like to be hiding out in this afternoon...

Love the chalky purpley-blue of this room. Very french and soft. I painted my bathroom this color with gold details and it is a lovely shade. 
This butler's pantry (which is about 18 times the size of my actual kitchen) is to die for.. Check out the star wallpaper on the ceiling!  I think pretty much every dish I own would look awesome in this room. 
source unknown
This library is fabulosity. Another beautiful shade of blue with pale grey, light tangerine and a freaking awesome coffee table..although the dust buster would pretty much have to sit right next to it to keep my dog's hair from collecting like a fly strip. 
This image is sort of the inspiration for my nightstand project. I used different colors but I think the effect is the same. Love this shade on the wall and really want an upholstered headboard!
This mantel is soooo yummy. Are those magenta-painted logs? Must make mental note for use of my fireplace in the off season (Texas warm season: Feb-November. sigh) 

Okay so this blue foyer isn't exactly soothing, and it's decorated for Christmas, and I can pretty much picture myself wiping out on that slick marble floor in the first 5 minutes, but it's fierce and I'm including it. 
Hope your Monday is a little less blue...
Coming soon: Can you really paint your upholstered sofa? 

Stay cool...