Sunday, July 1, 2012


As you know, I am a DIY fiend. FIEND, I tell you!! I often have so many projects in the works that it keeps me up at night. I am also cheapety cheap cheap when it comes to home projects and the thrill of the hunt and its transformation gives me as much pleasure as the object itself. A few of my recent scores...

This GORGEOUS antique chair!! Found on the curb down the street from my house. I know what you're thinking...ick, right? But after I peeled off three layers of upholstery and approximately 8 tons of straw stuffing (Yes, Mom I wore a mask and gloves)..the frame of this piece is unbelievable!  I plan to keep the original damask on the back and the fringe trim, as they are "shabby in a good way."  I will enlist the Man to make a new wooden seat and I'm thinking leopard print upholstery for the front..eeek! 

And...this wood bead chandelier at a local Austin flea market. I fell in love and was in shock when the woman said it was....drum roll...ONE DOLLAR. I bought a coke on the way there that cost more. It is falling apart and needs to be cleaned, but all of the pieces are there and its nothing a savvy Jewelster like me can't handle. I may add a few colored beads for effect. We rent our home, so re-wiring and installing will come another day but for now I am going to screw it into the ceiling of our living area, which doesn't have a fixture, just for effect. It has wood tassels, people. WOOD TASSELS. 

And last but not least, this painting of a Tuscan landscape. Nine bucks at Texas Thrift, down the street. It's a tad traditional for my usual taste but the colors really stood out to me, and I believe you need a few civilized "grown-up" pieces when you have wacky, eclectic style like ours..It can get a little cwazy in  here. Will follow up with killer photos of the goods, refurbed and styled up. 

Happy Summer