Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Well, we are into week 5 of our farm foods co-op. I won't does require some effort. As much as I love fresh basil, squash, and okra, sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. Still...the Man and I rallied, and we found some great new recipes this week, and recyled/varied last week's. 

Another ratatouille...this one is heavy on the eggplant and chunkier. Different texture but still SO GOOD. 

The Man has been on a bread-making kick...he has yet to perfect his recipe but this basil beer bread was pretty darn close. We have been struggling to use up a GIANT bunch of basil every week. I just can't eat 8 gallons of pesto, and it is painful to throw it out. This bread used up a ton, and it was fabulous! 

We had more basil left over so we cured it in some oil while it was "on hold." In an attempt to use the malabar spinach in new way (that stuff is crazy!) and also a surplus of cucumbers from last week, last night, I made spanakopita and mixed some of the blanched basil in the spinach mixture. I served it with a cold cucumber salad, and roasted a few frozen shrimp for protein. It was DELISH. 

This week we got sweet potato greens from Johnson's Backyard Garden. I had never had them and had no idea how to use. I found this recipe with Indonesian flavors. It was AMAZING. The greens are a hearty texture, a beautiful green, and actually sort of taste like, well..sweet potatoes. As we got a variety of peppers this week as well, I subbed the chilies in the recipe with ones I had. I also subbed fish sauce for shrimp paste, because I had some in the fridge. It was spicy but subtle enough to taste the greens. Best of all these puppies are SUPER GOOD FOR YOU. I forgot to take a pic, but it looked exactly like this photo

I still have a bag of okra to attend to but I found a great recipe for cumin-spiced okra with instructions on how to de-slime it first. I will let you know. The okra challenge around here is getting a little ridiculous.