Monday, August 13, 2012


Oh the neglect... It has been almost two weeks since I have checked in here. In our busy lives, choosing priorities carefully is more important than ever. I have been busy cleaning, cooking, organizing, and caring for my home and family and not so busy telling you about it! Many projects to share..starting with this ottoman project for a "before and after" version of BLUE MONDAYS. Remember this big blue uggo?

I bought this piece ($9.99 whoop) with the intention of recovering it to my liking while serving the dual purpose of living room coffee table/footrest, while also being toddler-proof. Tall Order. I had purchased a set of twin sheets in juicy leopard and used the flat sheet for this project. 

First, I stripped the layer of blue gross-o-fiber off the top. After using it for a few weeks, we decided it needed more squish. Nothing like propping your feet up and hitting the plywood underneath. I purchased an inexpensive bag of quilt batting from craft store (Hobby Lobby, you complete me), and layered it over the existing foam, which was in good condition. I stapled the batting just over the edge of the surface, knowing it would be covered up anyway. 
Then, I took my flat sheet and cut a large overlapping square for the top piece, opened it up and stapled the piece to the underside edge of the top. Pulling it tight and alternating sides to keep it even is key. TIP: Using a random pattern that doesn't require being perfectly straight is also pretty important unless you are a PRO. 

I didn't get fussy. In fact the underside kind of looks like a trainwreck, but it is hidden inside, and I can go back and add some trim to clean it up later. Next, I did the ends. I cut squares to fit and wrapped them slightly around the corners, knowing I would put square panels on the sides to cover it in the end. I flipped it and stapled again. 

I then cut panels to fit the sides which will really be the most visible. I stapled inside and then folded the edges and pulled it super tight to disguise the seams of the end panels. This vertical seam on the corners is not stapled, only folded and pulled taut. I then stapled the bottom like the others. Here is the finished goods. I plan to add some sassy trim in a contrasting color, and maybe some nail heads if they come my way. All in good time, and you'll be the first to know. 
For you keen observers, you probably also noticed that I got a new rug!! The el cheapo zebra shag (see first photo) served its purpose but it was time to upgrade. The Man and I found this one, at Ikea, believe it or not. It is beautiful, soft, and echoes the pattern of the entry way wall, which is visible from this area. It has kind of a cool, retro vibe, so it works well with our vintage furniture, but the pattern is modern and helps balance the look. Best of all it has lots of "roads" in the pattern for the Bug to drive her matchbox cars on. Brilliant. Kid tested. Dog approved. 

Hope your week is a bit less blue.