Thursday, August 23, 2012


Groan. A fun visit from my mom during her birthday (all she wanted was some "Bug time") led to too much salt, wine, and sugar.  
Bug loves Gammie

Having company at your home tends to lead to lots of "celebration" meals and overindulgence. I feel lumpy, tired, creaky and old. I need some serious green smoothie action over here and I need to hit the yoga mat in a big way (Class tonight!!).
I make a pretty traditional spinach green smoothie with banana, avacado, apple juice, parsely, etc.. and vary it based on what I have, but it can get a little dull so I tried a variation that turned out pretty awesome: The Thai Basil Smoothie

We have tons of Thai basil and mint growing in the garden, so I made the traditional recipe but threw in a handful of these herbs with a small (And I mean SMALL, people) slice of fresh red chili and added 1/2 cup of pineapple (I just used one of the Bug's fruit cups as a cheater).   I am a Thai food junkie so I looooved it. Give it a whirl. I will be eating green stuff until I don't feel like an 80 year old lump of poo. 

In other foodie news, the Man and I decided to decrease our farm deliveries to every other week. At the end of the hot season, it has been nothing but greens, squash, okra, and beets for several weeks with only slight variations. While I love the "weird" veggies, it's hard to eat them every week. Instead we've been taking our same dollar amount and going to their actual farm stand and getting more variety. It's working well, but I am looking forward to the big bounty coming from the delivery on Friday. 
I made a slight variation of this stuffed squash recipe this week:
image source
It's also Hatch Pepper season in Texas...YUM.
image source

Its an excellent time to shop sample Saturday at your grocery store in these parts. They put those Hatch-tasties in EVERYTHING. My fave: Hatch chile cornbread: 
image source
I made muffins using the recipe on the corn meal bag in my pantry and just added the hatch chilies and topped with a bit of cheese. They were so good and the Bug gobbled them up (hers were plain). I think I am going to make these every week and sub the chilies for chopped/smooshed frozen veggies and call them "cookies." Tricky.  While I am loading up on green, the Bug is still boycotting green. So it goes..