Wednesday, August 29, 2012

TO-DO LIST-8-29-12

I'm starting a new series here... After all this is supposed to be a chronicle of all my "doings," both for me and for YOU: my three or four readers. :) (Thanks, by the way!) 
1. Kid-proof 

all drawers that hold:  knives, lighters, meat skewers, tape, keys, change, jewelry supplies, receipts (that was ugly), socks, important files (Caught the Bug reading our 2011 tax return??), bobby pins, toothpaste, fingernail clippers, corkscrews, stickers, um yeah, just pretty much the whole house. Certain little sticky fingers have suddenly gotten longer and higher. Damn you, vitamins and minerals! 

2. Organize garage. It is a shit-storm-and-a-HALF. 

You can't have two crafty people living in the house without some build up of projects/clutter/old furniture/paint/baby stuff. For posterity's sake I'm posting a picture--so you know that my house doesn't always look all cute and designery. Like pretty much all things in our lives, it can all be blamed on having a kid. Typical scenario: Run to garage, find project, complete as fast as possible, so as to relieve other parent, make a meal, get work done, sleep, take care of kid, repeat. Final step: drop all supplies of said project right where you stand and leave for the next person to trip over and dig through for next project. 

3. Finish painting hallway. 
Remember this project: 

Yeah, well the part you didn't see is that I ran out of paint at the top of the stairs and the opposite wall has looked like this for almost two months and whilst we had company staying with us: No Joke. 
And the brownish olive color gives the "I love you" note a Poop smear quality. Not good. 

4. Stock the shop for the holidays. 

This is only my second year of my Etsy shop and last Christmas I made nearly half of my yearly earnings from November to January. This year I want to double the product, and in a variety of prices and styles, so that YOU, my loyal readers, (one, two, three. . .)can buy all of your beautifully-wrapped, handmade goodies in one shot. First step: Commit to working for an hour each night after the Bug goes to bed instead of drinking wine (See last week's post) and bingeing on "How I met your mother" episodes with the Man.  Okay, maybe just three nights a week. Here'a a glimpse of a few new styles.

5. Enjoy some time outside. 

Temps have dropped to the 90s here in lovely ATX. You can come out now, people. 

** should be said that item 1 will probably be pawned off on the Man. I will let you know how I/we do this week...