Monday, September 10, 2012


Lately I've been feeling nostalgic for the 90's.  It must be fall and back to school. It reminds me of going back to school and crisp afternoons in Minnesota with a coffee and my back-to-school pair of clunky, grunge-girl boots.. Have you ever noticed that some people get stuck in the decade that they went to high school? (that means you, poofy bangs) Glory Days fashion??  Although, I remember being pretty depressed through most of high school, so glory is a bad word for it. I graduated in 1996, so depressed was kind of in--maybe I was just being trendy.

 Remember the days when your hair looked like this: 
The Rachel
Or this: 
And you wanted your boyfriend to look like this:
Shannon Hoon
Or this:
Jordan Catalano
Or this: (Okay maybe still this...)
And for Halloween you had to be this
Mia Wallace
I get warm fuzzies when I think about the 90s so I'm having a 90s revival this fall. I am thankfully seeing a trend toward my "Glory" decade in stores. Wide-leg jeans are actually on racks and neon seems to be slightly less dominant. (I'm 35, people..rubber jelly bracelets aren't really working for me). So for a big welcome to fall, I will be rocking a pseudo-nineties look, but, like all recycled decades, you have to take out the 'rad' parts and leave the 'heinous.' 

I will be ditching the skinny jeans.  I am soooo over you.  
The butt magnifying, bow-legged-featuring, EXCUSE-FOR-PANTS looks just as bad as it did in the 80's, minus the acid washed denim bow at the ankle.  Unless you have a super model giraffe body (because so many fast-food-nation Americans do, right?), you may agree this trend must end. 
Instead I'm sporting my 90s wide leg jeans like these that I just bought at Old Navy
Old Navy Wide Legs

And I will be clunking around in them with these
Harley Davidson boots
Which look almost exactly like the ones I wore in high school except my mom paid for them. I miss that.

but I'm definitely leaving the cutoffs behind
Oh no..not ironic and cool...just bad
I'll be rockin the slouchy hat from one of my favorite Etsy shops Love and Knit

And I wouldn't put it past me to revive this old flannel
cozy flannel
But instead of the choker
Naomi and Kate (like I even need to say it)
I'll be wearing a big chunky necklace of my own creation
One Man's Trash Necklace

I will be leaving the scary eyeliner
The Craft
But keeping the dark goth lipstick. My girlfriends and I passed Revlon "Blackberry" around like crack in high school. And if you lost your "blackberry," your BF had hers in her purse.

I'll be watching this:
And this
My so-called Life...  "It like...hurt"

Listening to this 
Fade into You
And this...
Pearl Jam
Ever since she was born the Bug likes to hum every time Eddie Vedder comes on the radio. I think I listened to it so many times in my teens that it passed into her amniotic fluid. 

And of course I'll be walking around with my coffee..because some things never change. I'll be doing less brooding. It's so 90's.

Cheers and Happy Fall!