Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I do not know what the heck is going on in these rooms. . . Crazy furniture arrangements, spazzy prints, clashing colors, bizarre art . . . 

So. Much. Rule. Breaking. And yet. . . ME LIKEY.  Feast on these: 

I just don't understand the layout of this room. . .or the concept. . . or the art. . .or the mantel. But,  somehow, SO COOL. 

Olive and. . . Peach? And someone can walk behind my head whilst I sleep? Eek. Excuse me, your mirror is touching the ceiling.  Okay, maybe for one night. 
 So the guy in the tiger chair sits BEHIND the guy in the flowered chair? While facing the guy in the  hand chair? The lady on the floor cushions is the only one who can reach her cocktail. . . Painting mounted to mirror makes me really uncomfortable. What if it falls on tiger chair guy? The teams will be uneven.

Not sure what the function of this room is.. There's an awful lot going on to only have one real sitting piece. Table behind chair?? Brown walls? Mauve ceiling? What's with the ragtime hat? Really, one print wasn't enough for this chaise? 

And yet, I kind of want to hang out in there and read my book, although it would take me about five years to read it with all the stuff to look at. I freaking WORSHIP this wallpaper though. This will be in my powder room someday with a killer black vanity and insane mirror. And maybe a ragtime hat...not. 


I'm actually loving this but they lost me at the bucket montage. 

Bold, very bold.