Tuesday, September 18, 2012


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As I was devouring juicy images on Pinterest last week I came across the Spring 2013 Tory Burch fashion show.  As far as I'm concerned, she NAILED IT. Her aesthetic is pretty much the epitome of FABULOUS to me...bold colors, retro prints, classic silhouettes with a little bit of old-money-traditionalism, paired with super, giant, colorful, in-your-face statement jewels.  

Sound like anyone you know?? hmmm???  (Although I shy away from the more "logo-ey" stuff--not me) I will pretty much be waiting by the phone for the rest of my life for Tory to call and say, "Rachel, I've seen your work and I think you should be working for me."  
Her Spring 2013 collection (Fashion is so twisted...its SEPTEMBER!) showcased the same great clothing as always, but her JEWELS!! Not to flatter myself but they look like they jumped straight out of my One Man's Trash playbook: oversize swishy tassels, colorful pom poms, long, gaudy necklaces with giant fiber and raffia baubles; all blurring the line between jewelry and clothing.  

HELLS yeah.


I'm certain, like all trends, that tassel-mania will eventually run its course, and I'll have to move on with my life, but in the meantime I am inspired to take my current obsession with giant, colorful, borderline-tacky, textile jewelry and make it BIGGER, TASSELIER (It's a word), and borderline TACKIER. 

Thanks, Tory. For just being you and letting me be more me. uh..yeah.