Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Today is my 3rd Anniversary and though we've only been together five years, we have done SO MUCH it seems as though we just always were.

We fell in love

We moved into a teeny tiny studio apartment in the city with a giant dog, a crapload of stuff and no parking--but there WAS a coffee shop in the building.  We covered the walls in paper and made art.

One of us got our degree after seven years of working full time and going to school. ugh. 
And yes, I wore my graduation hat all night. It has a tassel. 

We traveled to San Francisco

Where we ate Oysters at the Farmer's Market

Drank bloody marys at Vesuvio

Drove up the coast from wine country. 

And got hit by a car an hour after this photo. We hitchhiked back to San Francisco carrying a bag of fresh oysters on ice and 2 suitcases. (Thank you, nice lady and her dog!!!)

We acted silly

We took giant dog swimming.

We rode on a riverboat through downtown Saint Paul.

Sometimes we did nothing at all. 

Then we moved into a teeny tiny house with no interior doors, crapload of stuff and a giant dog. 
But it looked great with Christmas lights. 

We got married. 

We went to Mexico. 

Where we did this

And this
For 5 days. 
And then we left Mexico.

We traveled to the North Shore.  Which was very not Mexico.

Then we decided to move across the country. 

But first we made a baby. 

It got bigger
And bigger..................and bigger. 

And then there were three. 

Everything since then has been pretty much just pictures of her. 

Happy Anniversary to the best hubby ever. I love you.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Oh, how I love three-day-weekends. . . Thank you, Chris Columbus.

It was a weekend jam-packed with family fun and projects! The Man and I rocked our faces off at Ryan Bingham on Friday night. Two advil and 5 hours of sleep later, we were on our way to Market Days in Wimberly, Texas. It was really our first time getting out of Austin as a family, since we moved here, and Bug was born. It was a great family outing, with a great mix of flea market vintage, crazy crafters and of course, barbeque. I picked up some mismatched, vintage, kitchen linens for .25 each.

And this broken vintage bracelet, which you can be sure to see in some One Man's Trash pieces very soon...

And my favorite moment of the day: Bug turns the bbq tent into a one-woman DANCE PARTY. Complete with:
High Kicks

And the final act. She threw herself down on the ground and held plank position for about a minute. The blue hairs loved it and I had tears running down my face I was laughing so hard.
Good times had by all, and even with two giant BBQ sandwiches we spent less than $20 for the entire day.

With Bug back-up, I was also able to get to some DIY projects that I've been wanting to complete for about two years.  My antique dresser from my Grandma Wilma, became white. The gorgeous hardware was falling apart and missing some pieces.
I recently purchased these el cheapo filigree earrings from a random 'teenager store', in hopes to do something cool with them. I sprayed with gold, pierced a hole in the center and BAM. They became knob backplates. Someday, I'd like to strip the  whole thing and turn into a bathroom vanity but for now, its my shipping desk. Loving it.
After reading Justina Blakeney's blog from finish to start last week, I decided my house needed to be "jungalized." Check out my new houseplants, baaaaby. Jungalicious. Thank you early birthday present.  I had fun "playing plants" and moving things around into pretty containers I have around the house. 

 We picked up our CSA box this week from Johnson's Backyard Farms and I had to include a picture as our fall bounty is SPECTACULAR.
We made borscht with the beets, served with crusty buttery bread and topped with sour cream. Rawr.  Today I'm making Kale chips for the first time.

I did some sewing.. I finally started my bedroom curtains with this amazing fabric I got on clearance over a year ago.  Also sewed some trim on my hand towels. More on the "bedroom project" and the "bathroom project" next week.

I usually opt for home-made ultra-creative Halloween costumes but when I saw this poofy bee at Goodwill for $9, I couldn't resist. It had a few blemishes on it so I sewed a few daisies on the hem, to make it look like my little Bug was buzzing through a field of flowers. Pics to follow at the end of the month!

We also found time to have our first fire of the season...

Thank you, Mother Nature for cooling the hell off. And also some time to space out in front of Fox NFL with a glass of wine (okay, several) on Sunday. Sorry, Packers...tough break.

All in all, it was an AWESOME weekend. Bug and I agree..
It's nice to have Daddy home.


Friday, October 5, 2012


Hello All...
Tonight the Man and I are off to see Ryan Bingham here in lovely Austin, TX and I am PSYCHED!  I was a fan of his dusty, boot-stompin,' tunes well before I was a Texan. I love all of his albums, but if you don't own his first, Mescalito, get in your car right now and drive to your local groove-merchant and pick it up.

Bingham is an old-school and honest outlaw country artist, and consequently the first country music I have been able to swallow since Willie and Waylon came on vinyl, and my parents had green shag carpet.  That being said...good tunes is good tunes and quality music transcends all genres. When attending live shows I also like to use a rating and reviewing system that I've derived over time and after many, many ticket stubs. It's called the "Beards and Bee in the Eye" system. 

I love em. They're fuzzy, furry and remind me of the 70's when music was actually good. Any touring act sporting a big overgrown beard is clearly too busy partying, writing great music and rocking their faces off to worry about personal hygiene. Typical occurence in our house: Man: "Hey honey, the blankety blanks are playing at Stubb's tonight" Me: "Who are the blankety blanks?" Man: " I don't know but they look really beardy." Check. Some examples:

The Black Keys. Hells yeah.

The Black Crowes. No, Tonya, I will never shut up about the freaking Black Crowes. Really..ever.
 Waylon Jennings. Hardcore.
 Ray LaMontagne. Okay so doesn't rock your face off but so beardy and good nonetheless. 
This method almost never fails although it does have one flaw, in that it is sexist. No problem I have derived a back-up system.

As a true music lover, nothing offends me more than standing around on a concrete floor for hours and paying six dollars for a freaking Budweiser, only to watch the band on stage look so bored with their own show that they look like they'd rather be taking a math test.  Hence, the "Bee in the Eye system."  A concert can generally be categorized as good if one or more of the artists, during the set, makes a face similar to that of being stung in the eyeball by a giant bee. It signifies, passion for their music, face-melting guitar licks, and general good-timing. Some examples: 

Stevie Ray Vaughan. Obligatory to include as Austinite. 
 Jimmy Page. Bees chased him for YEARS. 
 Marc Ford. Another Crowe. I can't help it, I'm sorry.. 
 Dawes (Taylor Goldsmith). Very afflicted by bees. 
 Because girls get chased by bees too... Alison Mosshart, (The Kills) I worship thee. 
This picture of Jimmy Page doesn't have anything to do with beards or bees, its just awesome and I'm including it because its my blog. 


May your weekend be full of beards and bees. Happy Listening