Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Today is my 3rd Anniversary and though we've only been together five years, we have done SO MUCH it seems as though we just always were.

We fell in love

We moved into a teeny tiny studio apartment in the city with a giant dog, a crapload of stuff and no parking--but there WAS a coffee shop in the building.  We covered the walls in paper and made art.

One of us got our degree after seven years of working full time and going to school. ugh. 
And yes, I wore my graduation hat all night. It has a tassel. 

We traveled to San Francisco

Where we ate Oysters at the Farmer's Market

Drank bloody marys at Vesuvio

Drove up the coast from wine country. 

And got hit by a car an hour after this photo. We hitchhiked back to San Francisco carrying a bag of fresh oysters on ice and 2 suitcases. (Thank you, nice lady and her dog!!!)

We acted silly

We took giant dog swimming.

We rode on a riverboat through downtown Saint Paul.

Sometimes we did nothing at all. 

Then we moved into a teeny tiny house with no interior doors, crapload of stuff and a giant dog. 
But it looked great with Christmas lights. 

We got married. 

We went to Mexico. 

Where we did this

And this
For 5 days. 
And then we left Mexico.

We traveled to the North Shore.  Which was very not Mexico.

Then we decided to move across the country. 

But first we made a baby. 

It got bigger
And bigger..................and bigger. 

And then there were three. 

Everything since then has been pretty much just pictures of her. 

Happy Anniversary to the best hubby ever. I love you.