Thursday, November 1, 2012


Dear Blog, I am sorry I have neglected you so. I promise to do better. If nothing else, I know what my priorities are. . . 

My life can be summed up in one word as of Visits from Grandma, Halloween festivities, and awesome Texas Wine Country date with the Man. Now, as the pile of candy wrappers in my trash signifies--It's holiday season! Time to get busy and crank out some delicious gifts in the shop, start my killer holiday baking and decorate!! I am such a holiday nerd. 
Some juicy posts coming up soon. In the meantime a few highlights from family week. 

The Man at Pedernales Cellars in Fredricksburg, TX. Juicy wines, beautiful views, and NO STROLLER. 

 We packed a picnic of delicious bread, cheese, salads and fruit and shared a bottle of white at Hilmy Vineyard. This is the back patio with a smoky fire that fit perfect with the chilly winds that day. I use the word chilly loosely, as we are in Texas. 

Next up...Farmer's market fun and pony rides for the Bug. 

The woman giving pony rides turned out to be from Minnesota and knew our family!?

She was rockin that scarf. So hip. 

And last but not least...
The Bug's first "teet a treating."  She went as, well, a bug.  We went to a few houses we knew, only two of which had toddler friendly treats. We saved the stickers and goldfish for her and ate the rest ourselves, with popcorn, while watching The Shining. I made it through the whole movie and confirmed that Jack Nicholson still has the scariest CRAZY EYE ever.....EV-ER!
The funniest thing was that she would ring the doorbell, say "Teet a treat" and then walk right past the person with the candy and do a quick lap around their living room to check things out. Hysterical!

 With Daddy, who by sheer accident, was dressed as a Target employee. 

And of course, with my favorite Austin family, at Corona Cafe. Baby Ewoks welcome. 

Happy Fall!