Sunday, November 18, 2012


Doesn't it seem like when you're shopping for others you suddenly come across soooo many things you NEED for yourself? I think most of us do a little self-gifting or maybe really obnoxious hinting to those closest to us?? Hmmm??

As promised more awesome handmade shops from Etsy, featuring all the goodies that I am lusting after this season. Here's hoping you find something for someone on your list. If not, my address is. . . 

Handmade wax batik pillows from Sister Batik. I die... So colorful and juicy. 

This is my absolute favorite shop on Etsy and one that inspires me in my own jewelry work. So unique, beautifully crafted, and I love the photos! La Touchables I want I want I want!! 

This print and painting from fellow Texan, Sarah Greenman Art.  Hey dudes, want to do something romantic for your lady without having to pick out expensive jewelry that she might want to return? How about a very special piece of art? I would have loved that. 

Of course now I'm married and we buy each other stuff like a new vacuum cleaner filter. Awesome. 

These beautifully packaged little perfumes from For Strange Women. I am a perfume JUNKIE. In my perfect world, I would have a huge tray of delicious scents for the choosing on my dresser. I love the dreamy, creepy, Victorian vibe in this shop too.  

Also today is the last day of my 20% off sale at One Man's Trash. Take a look!! And if you're super slackery...the code just maaaaaaaay still work on Monday ;) 
Happy Shopping