Wednesday, November 7, 2012


In case you live in a bubble, Australian filmmaker Baz Luhrmann's modern reproduction of The Great Gatsby starring Carey Mulligan, Tobey Maguire, and Leonardo Dicaprio, comes out in theaters Christmas Day.  I am soooo excited! I am reading the book for the first time as we speak and loving it.

Luhrmann's Gatsby, set in the Roaring 20's is sure to be as deliciously decadent as his Moulin Rouge and Romeo + Juliet, with over-the-top sets, costumes designed by Muccia Prada and great music. I'd be lying if I said the main draw for me is the amazing decor--It is my dream job to work in set design for productions like this! I am salivating over the clothing and costumes, and of course, I love me some Leo. Fan or not, this movie has to deliver. 
Upon release of this spectacle of America's sizzling Jazz Age, I predict GATSBY MANIA!    Everything is better with sequins, tassels, and red lipstick, as far as I'm concerned. Here is a collection of Gatsby-themed goods from some great Etsy shops.  (Each image is linked to its respective shop)

The original book illustration and a Gatsby locket. . .

A Gatsby-themed invitation

Art Deco Styling

The original illustration, "meant to capture the festive carnival-like lights of New York City"

A few of my own Gatsby-inspired goods, available in the shop. 

Get your flap on. Only 48 days until showtime!!