Monday, December 17, 2012


In light of last week's tragedy in Connecticut, it is more important than ever to focus on the small things we take for granted each day--pushing your kid in the swing, seeing your spouse walk through the door, and watching your child step off the bus.  Being a mom and the wife of a first grade teacher made this latest tragedy even more terrifying. I asked myself what you are most likely asking..."Why?"  "What can be done?"

There will never be an answer that eases the pain or brings justification to such a horrific event. Like you, I hugged my kid a little harder, lingered a little longer in the rocking chair, and sneaked in as many extra kisses as she would allow. This post is dedicated to being grateful for every tiny blessing in our matter how trivial. 
Here are a few of mine today. . .

Cookie Day at our house.  Bug helps. And takes smiling seriously.

Homemade Tree topper. Drugstore cheapo got the One Man's Trash treatment.

Leaves. In her butt crack. 

My holly jolly manicure for office Christmas party...thank you Dollar Store. And pretty jewels.

Daily affirmations from the government. One of the funny things about being married to a teacher. . . Sometimes these parent bits make their way home. It's on our fridge now. 

To being grateful.