Monday, January 14, 2013


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Wow, I even procrastinate on resolutions! Here it is mid-January and I'm just now stating my resolutions for 2013. In my defense, I wanted to nail down something more specific than "Be less Lazy," although that would sort of sum it up.  

On a side note, my lack of recent blog posts, however, isn't due to being lazy. It's true, I spent a week and a half stuffing my face, gulping down gallons of wine and eggnog, and lazing around in my pajamas over the holiday break, but for the past two weeks, I've been creating and planning and setting up all of the necessary details to open my second Etsy shop, and here it is: Introducing OMT, a special collection of vintage goods, original art, and museum-quality jewelry designs.
This has been an incredible undertaking. You can't imagine all of the photo editing, styling, entering of descriptions, prices, search tags, store policies, etc that go into opening an online shop. I've learned soooo much along the journey of my first shop One Man's Trash (still running by the way-check out the mad SALE) and this time I wanted to do things right the first time. 
I envisioned a shop of carefully curated goods..both old and new, high quality, unique, beautifully styled, and fairly priced.  A few peeks at the goods:

But back to resolutions. They are really about taking a close look at your current situation and your long term goals and seeing how your real life measures up to your dream life. In so many ways, I find that while we, my family and me, are on the right track, we seriously lack execution. Rather than creating a laundry list of unattainable changes that will fizzle by mid-February and leave me with a mountain of self-loathing, I've boiled this all down to one theme--one word for 2013: DISCIPLINE. 
Sounds really Puritanical, and non-fun doesn't it? But in truth, a little discipline in ALL areas of my life would clear the path to achieve all of the smaller, more pleasurable goals that I usually list on January 1. I accept that I will never be the type of person who puts the toilet paper on the roller--it's just NOT gonna happen. I want to be better, however, at the general management of our home, our finances, and my business. I'm realizing that just a tiny bit more effort at the front end will save me oodles of time, hassle, and more importantly, anxiety. Anxiety is a huge time-suck. It's draining to your time, your energy, creativity, and your central nervous system. I am a worrier, by nature (thanks mom, if you're reading this) but I aim to be more Zen by practicing discipline in 2013. 

I have hereby dubbed January as "Organization Month" and I've been psychotically tearing open closets, drawers, forgotten corners and clearing out the clutter. Clutter kills me. Amazingly I've stumbled upon items that I forgot we had.. valuable items. I've already sold several things on Craig's list and Ebay and added to our savings. I've taken my trash to treasure business philosophy homeward. Someone out there wants your stuff. 

Last week, I completed the huge task of cleaning out and cataloging, my insane inventory (stored in my walk-in closet) of supplies, and goods that I've purchased for the shop. During the process: (eek)

This task revealed to me the sheer volume of bits that I need to use up before I scout for more. I am in the process of painting my desk and stream-lining my work space, in the hopes that physical space will create mental space. (After pics to come I promise!)

One kitchen drawer at a time, I am attacking this place in the hopes that if I can get my environment pared down only to useful essentials and beautiful things that inspire me, my daily tasks, creative endeavors and home life, mixed with a little DISCIPLINE, will operate more smoothly, reduce stress in our home, and create space for what I value most: time with my family, and creating. 

The Man making Swedish meatballs on Christmas Eve
So here's to selling that old _____, donating that big bag of ________, putting the _____ away when you're done, and throwing the eye-shadow from 1992. (That was someone yeah)
A little discipline in 2013 may do us all some good. 
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Happy New Year!