Monday, February 18, 2013


It has been a while since I did a Blue Monday post. It is literally blue in ATX today. While the temperate zones are still finishing up Winter, we are in our rainy spring season and busy getting things planted in the garden. The skies are gray, its a bit chilly (for Texas) and we are coming off an odd weekend of being tired, doing a bit of bickering, and just not quite clicking like we usually do. 

Some blue spaces that fit the mood. . . 

1.I love the styling of props in this photo. Handmade vessels and natural flower arrangements, the Mediterranean tone of this blue combined with the texture of the wall. Yum. E. 

2. Dreamy contemplative blue with oversize, abstract art, and immaculate styling in little geometric piles. I love how this vignette has lots of tchotchkies (Is there really a correct spelling of that word?) but it still seems simple and serene. 

3.  I love EVERYTHING about this photo. I literally want to hump these happy chairs. 

4. Love the painted bamboo etagere. Love the shade of deep greeney blue. Love the groovy furniture including the caned stool as cocktail table. Love the weird creepy art. Doggy pillow must die. NOW. 

5.I am always attracted to shades that are difficult to tell if they are blue, purple, or gray. I love how use of paint gives this doorway architectural detail where there is none. McGenius. I love how the portrait of Mr. Fancypants adds warmth to a potentially cold vignette. The stack of magazines by the door looks like my beside neglected reading. Literally. Except it's neater. 

6. See I told you. The Man things I should just surrender. I will get it to them at some point! 

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Hope your Monday is less blue. 

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