Monday, February 18, 2013


Based on the popularity of my 90's Revival post last year, I am starting a new series on the blog called "Remember When" for a little dose of flashback silliness. I get a huge kick out of reminiscing about the crazy trends of our past. Hope you love it! 

Remember when Dr. McDreamy . . .  (Rawr)
Was just Ronald Miller.
And he did the African Anteater Ritual to win the cheerleaders' hearts

I must have watched Can't Buy Me Love 8000's still my 80's favorite. I wanted to be Cindy Mancini soooo bad. I wanted my hair to look like this:

But alas, it looked like this: 

hah ahhahaha... Falling. Over. Laughing. 

And I wanted a suede outfit like this:
But instead I had a big fringey sweater like this. 

My obsession with tassels started a LONG time ago. To the group of poofy-banged, acid-washed jean-wearing, Mountain-Dew sucking friends that I respectfully cropped out of this shot.... You're welcome.  

I could watch this flick again today and enjoy it just as much. Though the style is long outdated, (or maybe cool again? Double eek.) the message is relevant today. You're going to have to sit with the geeks eventually so get over it and be a nice person. 


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