Wednesday, February 6, 2013


There's a bit of a renaissance going on in our house right now. Last week I got out my old sewing machine and cranked out a few goodies, including this dolly for the Bug. When I left design school, I absolutely PILLAGED the sample room and brought home a giant box of beautiful upholstery scraps and trims. This yellow dress is one of them. It's silk linen with flower embroidery. Lovely. I used ribbon scraps and salvaged buttons. I used leftover stuffing from this project. I didn't buy a thing.  

She's far from perfect. I didn't really measure and I just kind of went for it. Where I goofed, I just stitched it back together. The janky, patchworky-ness (yep), actually adds to the handmade feel. 
Once I got going, I decided she needed a kitty too. I also made this little blue flowered skirt that comes off and on. 

We decided on the name Nina. The kitty is Mr. Pusskins, like the character from her new favorite book. Bug was amazed that I was able to make such a thing. She is still not sure how to play with her. She's used to sensory overload with Disney figures and a variety of toys that make noise, light up, etc. I will probably make her a friend so she can have little conversations. Her conversations between toys are HILARIOUS. "I will saaave you, baby" ?? 

This sparked a conversation with the Man about how we've allowed her pile of belongings to get OUT OF CONTROL. It's hard with well-meaning friends and family sending things in addition to the things we pick up for her, not to mention a giant collection of toys that my mom saved from my childhood. We want to be respectful but we also want to be selective about the things she's exposed to. We've been doing some material purging ourselves since the new year and decided it was time to do the same with her stuff. We agreed to reduce the "kid load" by 50%. It's a big figure. In some cases, this just meant packing up some collections until she is a little older. We are trying to replace cheap, disposable, and/or plastic toys with handmade, natural materials and things that require a bit of imagination at this stage. 

I never want to be the kind of mom that will not allow a certain toy just because its..well...awful, but I want to assert some influence over her toys while I have the chance. Right now her two favorite things are the Cinderella figure she got at the Dollar Store and a pair of small plastic cows...Whaddya do?  We are convinced the more we expose her to simple, healthy toys, the more she will seek them out.  Hope hope. Regardless, I had so much fun making Nina that I may try them out in my shop

I also pulled out this quilt that I've been working on 5 years. 

Again, its made mostly with upholstery samples from my school days and scraps of clothing that I cut up. I am realizing that making it for our bed is a feat beyond my capabilities but that what I have already done is about twin size... I think this will be a quilt for Bug's big girl bed. Pictures to follow once I complete it. (If you can keep reading for 5 more years). 

I scored a goldmine of cuties at my nearby thrift store the other day... I embellished a few with vintage fabric, like this little cotton striped shirt. She looks like a little Bavarian princess in this one. So adorable. Here she is trying to pick off Nina's 90's lipstick.  

Also, it's the last day to enter the $40 giveaway for my shops on Etsy! For details on how to enter see last week's post below. Winner will be announced TOMORROW!! 

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