Thursday, March 21, 2013



Okay so I posted this image of Joaquin Phoenix's mockumentary I'm Still Here, not because it has anything to with my post today (other than it's title) but because it just cracks me up and I have a thing for beardy, damaged weirdos. 

Yes, I, me, myself, am still here! Sorry, loyal blog minions for the radio silence. I am not without lots and lots of things to say, but I have been feeling particularly inspired this week and instead of sitting down to right a coherent post, I've just been focusing all of my energy on CREATING. Here's a peek of what I whipped up yesterday afternoon. 

I decided my dining area...for it is truly just an area.. needed a big bold piece of art to keep us from falling asleep in our organic vegetables. I wish I could take credit for the idea, but I saw something similar in an Anthropologie display and mentally pinned it for later. 

I've also been rearranging my main living space and taping up swatches for a living room repaint. God bless my hubby..he is such a kind and patient soul to put up with all of my constant painting and refurbing. I really should give him less crap about trashing my (whoops.."our") fridge.  After much discussion, we have decided to rent this place for another year or two and focus on our goal of buying a pile of bricks out in the country that we can completely renovate. My concession is that I want to put a few improvements on the current place. Please ignore coffee stain on yellow chair. We are renting a rug doctor after potty training commences. ;p

Yes, we are also potty training Miss Ruby (Look at her little hippie dress I found at a thrift store!!) and needless to say, shit just got real. She is doing great but the hubs really has to take the lion's share of the credit.  Patience, flexibility, and the ability to live with the smell of urine all over just come more naturally to him, I suppose. Between my crazy dog, and my toddler, sometimes I feel like my day is really just about the direction, containment and disposal of excrement. Motherhood rocks. 

Speaking of which, its daycare day so no more time to chat. MUST CREATE!  Big fancy blog restyle coming soon, including an overall improvement in photos. I have been whining about needing a new camera, and as it turns out I just needed someone to teach me how to use the one I have. Again, must be nicer to hubby.. Have a wonderful week! 


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jackeline said...

I ADORE bearded men too LOL! Thanks for sharing your art.....