Wednesday, April 24, 2013


In case you live in a bubble, the Coachella music and arts festival took place over the last two weekends. Now, I consider myself somewhat of a music snob... I loved the Black Keys when they were just two geeks from Ohio. 
By the time they won their Grammy, I was over it (just kidding, I still love you, Dan and Pat). I used to pride myself on knowing the hot up-and-coming bands, I religiously listed to the Current, and the Man and I went to several shows a month when we first got together. In fact, he proposed to me minutes before we went to a Kills show. 

Music has taken somewhat of a back-burner since having a family. Now, I will pretty much listen to anything that isn't Disney or twinkle 'effin twinkle, but I digress. 

Despite being out of the loop on all things cool, I was still somewhat (okay a lot) nauseated by all of the buzz around Coachella this year..mainly because I haven't heard one thing about actual music or art. ??

The biggest buzz is of course that Kate Bosworth collaborated with Topshop to design a "festival fashion" collection, and then wore it to the shows to be photographed to death. I kind of threw up in my mouth actually typing that sentence.  Here's Kate and some other B-list celebs looking dewy and hip in her collection. 

Um, is it just me or is everyone kind of wearing the same outfit? They must have all gone to the same mall and shopped in the same "festival collection" section.  Perhaps no one went to the shows and everyone just walked around taking pictures of each other? 
Now I'm sure Kate is a very nice person and I know that fashion and music are for all purposes married...Even Eddie Vedder eventually married a supermodel...but it kind of makes me sick that what used to be the type of event where friends gathered to be free, have fun and rock their faces off, now has a mass-marketed uniform, consisting of the latest model-hipster's capsule collection.  
ad for Free People
Granted I'm approaching the age most cool people would consider "old" (I'm from really was snowy and uphill to and from school) but back in my day, your "festival fashion" included a big cozy flannel to curl up in after you were covered in pit mud and some sturdy boots so you didn't get your ass kicked..or you could at least kick back... Yes, we put some thought into what we were going to wear (there were BOYS there) but mostly it was about FUN. Your wardrobe supported your main goal of gettin' crazy and shit. 
Do you think this girl cares what she looks like right now? 
This morning on my Austin radio station I heard a bit from Jimmy Kimmel from this year's Coachella festival. He and his crew interviewed festival goers about bands that he made up on the spot. Absolutely hilarious. I think this pretty much sums up my whole point here. Among my faves.."DJ Cornmeal" and "Regis and the Philbins." Here is the link if you haven't heard/seen it and want to laugh hysterically/cringe. 

You should hear these pretentious youngins waxing intellectual about bands that don't even exist!  If this is the new music snob group.. I'm out.  These people make me sad. So, if you've purchased any "festival fashion" from your local mall and find yourself searching myspace for DJ Cornmeal, I suggest you immediately pop in Sweet Child of Mine, play a little air guitar and get over yourself. 

In all of my festival ranting, I did not source any of these images.  Deepest apologies...:)


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