Thursday, April 11, 2013


Recently, the Man and I made the decision to commit to our current rental abode for another year (or two) and continue our goal of saving for a pile of bricks and some farm land just outside of Austin.
photo courtesy of Oliver and Abraham's
All of my college friends are probably crapping themselves as they read that statement. Me, the urban dweller, owning chickens and growing veggies in the country? Yes, that is the goal..but I digress.

My real point is that being I cannot start work on my dream house this year, I am going to make this place as close as I can in the meantime.  (Not bad from the outside...we live in one half of this)

This decision presented a perfect opportunity to badger my hubby into letting me paint again.  We've reached a new level of understanding, the Man and I, with my constant painting and decorating.  He finally realized its just easier to give me my way than go through all of the negotiating and conflict of agreeing on colors, or having any say on where to hang stuff.

I think the biggest mistake we've been making is too much color on the walls. When you LOVE to decorate, its easy to see each wall as an opportunity to create a new and exciting look. The trouble is, we have an incredibly eclectic collection of art, vintage furniture, textiles, crockery, and objets. For eclectic style to work, you have to be a fierce editor and have a keen eye as to how things work together. You also have to have a unifying background or it looks like a big pile of insanity. Example:

All of these colors are based on marital compromise..he had his choices and I had mine and these are ones we agreed upon in the middle. Not a good way to choose colors. As snarky as it is, we (I) decided that my opinion carries more weight because 1. I have a degree in Interior Design. 2. I am a full time stay at home mom with a home business..I'm literally here 24 hours a day, and 3. I am whiny and bitchier if I don't get my way. 

There is a contender in the gray family, but first, a brief history of our past blunders..
Most recently: Tabasco in the dining and kitchen.

Pro: Looked fresh and vibrant in the sunshine. Con: Looked like dried Sriracha sauce in the evening..

Evergreen in the living area.

Pro: Not terrible and quite nice in the evening lights. Con: Looked like Christmas at Mrs. Claus's house with the Tabasco and was so dark and shadowy with the stark white popcorn ceiling. Whoever invented that crap needs to be smacked.

My feature wall which I posted about here.
Pro: Took a super boring, neglected wall and did something fun with it. I loved it for about 2 months. Con: You date this don't marry it. This space is too small to handle a feature wall. And this wall is a bitch to paint. arg.

The first colors we had: Aqua and salmon. With fluorescent citron in the kitchen.

I 100% blame this scheme on extreme pregnancy brain and a chemical imbalance from moving from the dreariest climate on earth (MN) to the unrelenting sunshine of Texas in July while 5 months with child. Horrible. Just awful. This wasn't up long. As soon as I got a break from nursing 24 hours a day, I repainted. 

Stay tuned for the next layer of paint in our humble abode.. Hint: It will NOT be citron, aqua, tobasco, salmon....

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