Thursday, April 18, 2013


This weeks CSA box from looks like this: 

This is a tough mix.. I think I will donate the turnips. I'm just over those and the ones from 2 weeks ago are still staring at me from the crisper. As we have a good selection of random greens I think I will make a modified version of this quiche. (Save yourself a half an hour and use cannister bread crumbs.  

This tasty Portobello Mushroom Carbonara dish with those big juicy leeks. 

I think I will shred the Daikon radish and make Bahn Mi (Vietnamese Sandwich) sandwiches with some leftover meat..roughly based on this recipe. I use diced sweet pickles instead of cucumber and add fresh mint to the cilantro. Both herbs are going bananas in the back yard right now. 

And perhaps I can sub rainbow chard in this Cajun Chicken with Pepper Jack and Spinach... 

As I have some dough in the freezer I think this Roasted Fennel Tart is a must. 

Celeraic??  I dont' even know what the eff that is or how to cook it. It looks like something you have medically removed. That is the beauty/challenge of getting veg from the farm. You certainly have to think out of the box. 

Based on what I'm seeing, you use it like a potato or carrot in a soup. Lame. I think I'll chop them up like carrot sticks for the late night crunchy munchies and put an ass-load of homemade ranch on them. I'm a problem-solver. 



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