Friday, April 26, 2013


I bought a house. A beautiful old 3-story Victorian with a pink tiled roof. It's my dream house. It has beautiful Victorian details, and old fashioned tub, tons of built-ins, and an attic play room. It is unfortunately, very out of date, covered in stickers by someone named Monica, and well, filthy. At just 9.99 it was a steal, but needs some fixing up. 
The first stage of our remodel was demolition and clean up. Removal of old stickers and a nice hot shower for my house revealed original floors, and good bones.  
Wallpaper was a must for instant update. This leftover giftwrap brings a modern twist to old-fashioned architecture. It is important to have an inspiring work-space. This one is carved out of a niche at the top of the stairs. It is complete with interesting art, shapely mirrors, and an interesting rug (labels) Don't forget to include a green thing. The dog rests close to your feet while you work . 

A stair runner is essential for safety and introduces a bold design element. 

The kitchen is spacious and showcases original tiled floors, however it was lacking in interest. 

A lovely rug, some cabinet details and stocking the pantry did wonders for this space. 

The bathroom fixtures were left in tact, but metallic embossed scrapbook paper added instant glam for a spa-like retreat. 

The master bedroom really just needed some quality furniture, a stylish woven rug and a stretch of wallpaper. 

It is important to build in spaces that are kid-friendly, like this attic playroom

You can never have too many plants (place-card holder) or natural light. A couple of custom chandeliers are on order from the local jeweler (me). It's important to add sparkle. 

You must ask yourself, can you see the clients using the space?

Yes, I think so. 
I know what you're thinking... "that lady needs some clients."  What can I say, if you love design, no project is too small. 

Cheers and have a happy weekend!
A little showcase of new spring product coming next week! 


jackeline said...

What a wonderful turnout.....your daughter must love it!

Tonya said...

Lo wants you to live here so you can do awesome stuff like this for her!