Monday, April 15, 2013


This weekend, we had the pleasure of attending an absolutely KICK-ASS open air market at the inspired design shop, Revival, just southwest of Austin in Bee Cave, TX.

Revival hosted its summer event with great local vendors, produce, fantastic food, music and its usual round up of salvaged one-of-a-kind architectural gems, gathered from their "pickers," who roam the country in search of goodies in broken down buildings and the like. The whole show was pretty much my idea of heaven.

My friend, April, who runs the adorable and sassy Etsy shop, Crescent City Couture (she's a NOLA native) was a vendor and tipped us off to the event.  

Space Kids pouch from Crescent City Couture
Brilliant hand-made wares, to-die-for Bison Burgers and a friendly pig named Hamlet, who lives on the Revival property in a pimped out camper, and roams the grounds greeting each visitor, were among the highlights.

Ruby Mae rocking the vintage playground equipment

This dazzling set of salvaged metal doors were the first thing I encountered on the way in. Can you just imagine these on a big barn/art studio?!! 

The most beautiful tomatoes. I love living in a warm climate!

Sweet vintage treasures hiding around every corner. I'd buy this dresser just for those insane handles!

Some incredible hand-made wares from Austin's best Etsy sellers! 

Canon Pendant from Fartsy Arts
 Beautiful screen-printed images and from Lost Little Things.  

 These little images of iconic Texas landmarks made into sweet little cards and gift tags. 
 Incredible sculptural pieces from Austin Antlers. You're not a Texan unless you have some antlers in your home. But... they are pretty freaking cool. 

Beautiful Agate jewelry from JordanLovesJames

Some other shots I took of TO-DIE-FOR pieces. 

Hamlet wanders over to say Whaddup. 

 ROWS of these amazing doors. The photos do not do justice to the scale of these things. They were like 10 feet tall! 
An accidental shot of my foot but my shoes are cute, so what the heck. It's kind of cool picture. 

I think this one is my favorite. 

Ruby Mae getting serious on the swings. This place was the most kid-friendly venue we have been to in months. Nothing there was too precious for the tots to climb on, touch, or participate in. I actually had a small panic attack about setting my Shiner Bock on this giant, gorgeous wood trestle table that was next to the burger stand. I had to clarify with one of the staff that it was okay that we were eating on it. It was just too beautiful. While we had lunch, the giant, friendly, shop dog sat under our feet and waited for a bite. 

Had to include this one of Ruby looking so "market ready" in her sensible shoes and backpack. Awesome.

I mean, can you BELIEVE this door?  Oh, and don't forget to look up..

Some vignettes inside the shop


 I could geek out on these beautiful treasures all day. So amazing and so much history. And incredible experience overall for the whole family, and we'll no doubt, be back.


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