Friday, April 19, 2013


The gray is up. I am still working on the finishing touches.. rehanging the curtains (I need new rods), rearranging the art, moving lamps around. I can't show you the whole picture until I get everything all styled up again...otherwise what is the point here, right? :)

All I can say is that I LOOOOOVE it. It has a creamy glow in the evening and has brightened up the space in the daytime by tenfold. My accessories and art stand out and take on a new life.  I could not be happier!  A peek during the bookshelf chaos. 
This time around I painted out the trim, doors, and built-in bookshelves.. a move stolen from the incredible decorating GENIUS, Abigail Ahern.  She has an amazing decorating blog, that is refreshingly un-stuffy and candid, and a brand new book, Decorating with Style, that pretty much rocks my world. I will be mentioning her again, I assure you. 
By painting out doors and trim, it really helped unify all the spaces to feel like one grand space instead of being broken up by stark white doors and bookshelves.  
Now the only break in the gray is our stone fireplace. It looks much more clean and grand. Thumbs up.  Its not quite done here, but see how the whole vignette looks cleaner and reads as one wall? 
This is what it was before: Ahhhh!! 
I also welcome any opportunity to restyle my bookshelves. 

They get refreshed usually every 3 months or so  around here. More if little sticky hands have found their way to the shelves and done their own rearranging. 
Call me if you want me to do yours.. I'm kind of obsessed.  Some images of bookshelves that I use for guidance.


Hooray for a new look! I promise I will reveal some juicier shots next week, but I need the weekend to style it up. 

Cheers and Happy Spring!