Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I may be a few steps behind, but I've recently discovered the amazing website THE GLOW. THE GLOW is a website dedicated to beautiful, successful moms, mostly working in the fields of high fashion, interiors, etc., at home with their kids. 
Girls actress Jemima Kirke
If you love looking at beautiful interiors, enviably stylish women, and are a self-confessed, People-magazine-type-snoop, who can't resist seeing a glimpse of strangers' personal lives, this site is for you.
Cynthia Rowley
Yes, their homes are enviably ginormous and beautiful, and yes, they look impossibly chic in their designer mom clothes.  True, most of these women spend more on shampoo than I would on a sofa, but the honest dialogue about motherhood and family life, accompanying each photo spread is refreshing and candid.  

Tibi owner Amy Smilovic
Yes, kids frolic and tumble in Stella McCartney and J.Crew instead of Old Navy and Target, and their lists of go-to baby goods are REDONK expensive, but reading each woman's personal comments, I found that the experience of motherhood is the same no matter how perfect and fabulous your life looks from the outside. (thank god)
Alana Varel founder Starworks Group
Overwhelming guilt, feelings of isolation when you first become a mother, and the unavoidable state of being covered in vomit/food/shit on a regular basis, is a common theme whether you wake up in a tiny rental apartment or a gorgeous brownstone in NYC. Honest admissions of finding it hard to be present for your kids when you want to be doing something else, and the occasional forgotten shower offer a fresh and relate-able perspective that is usually hidden under the polish of false perfection and glossy photos.  
actress Constance Zimmer
What makes THE GLOW so great is that the beautiful and raw glimpse of "how successful women manage it all" is refreshingly honest. They don't. Check it out. . . 
Nadine Ferber founder tenoverten 


**all photos courtesy of THE GLOW

Thursday, June 20, 2013



I often go in waves with my little creative business. Sometimes I will go weeks and weeks without any desire to make anything and then poof I will have a burst of creative energy, sit down at my desk and work like a maniac until I produce something that I'm satisfied with. 

It has been a particularly long time since I've been inspired to make anything as of late, which is also due to a shift in focus. Growing a person, as it turns out, is kind of an energy suck. And don't even get me started on the toddler sleep drama at our house right now. 

I think I have also been feeling a bit of artist burnout. While Etsy is a wonderful outlet for creatives to put their wares out there, it is also a business model and its easy to get sucked into counting orders, excessive tracking of your stats, and becoming a slave to trends.  I found I was having to regurgitate the same pieces over and over to satisfy the demand for the popular pieces but they weren't items that I was excited about making anymore. As an artist, its hard to motivate yourself to work on something that you're not passionate about.  Sometimes you have to stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and focus on your originality. 
sorry, do not have source
If you want to maintain a business those pieces are mandatory and part of the package, but its important to take time to work on those items that feed your soul and create that gravitational pull away from your computer/tv/housework/sleep/family to your creative space. 

Presenting the SOUL series at One Man's Trash--combining bits of hand-stitched embroidery art, vintage trims and pieces with soul. 
With each piece I tried to evoke a feeling, memory or emotion. Each element is chosen because of its beauty, texture, uniqueness, and overall contribution to the whole. 

Often using vintage buttons, scraps of salvaged upholstery, antique eyelet, ribbon, as well as specialty beads that I've collected for their individual beauty or handmade myself. 

Glass, hand-made clay, shell, fiber, wood, and ceramic come together to create pieces with soul. 

More to come..!

And a few delicious treasures going into the vintage shop at OMT!  All pieces shown today will be live in the shops by tomorrow. 

Silver sequin and ivory beaded vintage clutch. GORGEOUS. 

Vintage fuchsia and black color block leather pumps

Black Mod patent leather Jackie O clutch 


Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Despite all of my moping about the last week, I have managed to carve out a little creative time. My work desk is one of the least smelly places in our house, as it is free of food/dog/diapers. It is a wonderful place to hide now that Daddy is home for the summer and we are a two-parent household. Hooray!!

I'm making room for some special new product, which I hope to share yet this week, and that means a SALE!! Time to clean out the shop and make room for some new eye candy! I've added lots of things to my sale section, at One Man's Trash, so please check it out! 

Also I'm offering an additional 10% OFF of sale prices for Beauty in Bits readers! Enter coupon code: BITSREADERS10 at Etsy checkout point. (Good thru June 30) 

Here are a few pieces that are included in the sale!

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I wish I had a big collection of real purty images for you today. Instead I'm rambling/whining about the highs and lows of parenthood. If you read my post yesterday, dedicated to "big-fluffy nap-spots-for-parents-that-don't-exist," you know that we are going through big changes with our growing toddler. We are potty training, transitioning out of the crib, establishing new eating habits (You have to eat the apples before the raviolis), and generally coping with all of the new challenges that arise when your baby not-so-suddenly stops being an extension of you and becomes their own little person. 
I think the toughest thing about being a parent is from the moment your children are born until the end of eternity, you are forced to be something better than what you were before. You are now 100% accountable for every decision you make, every action you take, and every word that comes out of your mouth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the rest of your life. It's pretty exhausting.  Often times, you think you can punch out at 8pm after they are tucked safely in bed and enjoy a few hours of spaced out bliss..then, POOF. They pop up with a fever at 2am and you're wishing you hadn't had that 3rd (5th) glass of wine. You're never off duty--EVER. You can fly to the moon, honey, but you're still a parent. 
It takes incredible perseverance, patience, and practice to be a good parent--to come up with the right thing to say in a heated moment, to handle a conflict in a way that teaches respect, builds trust, and also deters bad behavior or shame.  That old saying that our parents or grandparents used to say, "Kids raise themselves"...yeah that's bullshit.  Parenthood requires a ton of research and study. There may not be one right way to raise kids but there are sure a ton of wrong ones and you can bet some of the mistakes you're making along the way are going to lead to challenges down the road.  It hurts to hear it but it's true.

Parenting requires unrelenting consistency in all areas. Sure it would be easier at 4am after 16 trips back to bed, just to pull your kid in bed with you and get some sleep. The next day do you think they will remember the 16 times you took them back to bed or the ONE time you gave in? yep. Sure, you can skip teaching your kid all of the hard stuff, in the hopes that they will just "grow out of it," but you're setting yourself up for an even bigger hurdle later. You just have to do the hard stuff OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER. and OVER.
FALL 2012...ALMOST 2! 
At the end of the day we all want the same thing: Happy, healthy, bright, confident children who don't hate us.  Children will model what they see in you, presenting the added pressure of putting all of your past influences, hurts, mistakes aside and being healthy, bright, confident yourself. Oh, no problem, right?  Children hold up a big invisible mirror in front of your face constantly as if saying, "Don't like the way I am acting? I learned it from you."  Don't want to hear your two year old saying, "What the hell?!" when she spills her milk? Then don't say it. Bam. Swift and brutal accountability. That little 3-foot wonder is now the toughest boss you've ever had. 

Sometimes I feel like an insane person for wanting another one. Sometimes I wish I had met my husband earlier and had kids when I was 25 instead of 35.. I definitely remember having more energy. Sometimes I miss sitting in pubs with friends like I had all the time in the world to suck down the drain, and the wide open possibility that life could take me anywhere at anytime. I think it's normal to mourn the things you had to let go when you became a parent. 
Your kids teach you to be a better human--the kind of human you want them to be, and ultimately the things in life that are the most rewarding are usually the ones that were the hardest. An easy triumph is easily forgotten. There is no comparison to the joy I feel when Ruby wraps her arms around me and says "I love you, Mama," or says something so dead on and observant that our jaws hit the floor. Yes, I've interrupted Daddy at work to report a giant poo poo on the potty chair, just so we can all celebrate. Watching our daughter learn and grow is about the only thing that matters at the end of the day. . . which is often at 2am. 

What is my point here? I don't know. . . perhaps it's enough just to relate or to understand your parent-friends a little more. Hats off to all of you to take on the journey of parenting. You are superheroes everyday! 

Monday, June 10, 2013


Being in the throes of the first trimester "icks", my last week can pretty much be summed up with sweltering heat, rowdy toddlers, and an absolute assault of offensive smells.  I can hardly stand to look at food, let alone smell it. I will make an exception for baking cookies or cake. I'm doing my best to rally, and be a good mommy, but it is taking every ounce of energy just to be a functioning human. 

We are also transitioning Ruby into her big-girl bed as she is suddenly jumping out of her crib Macgyver-style at all hours of the night. Each night this week she has popped up numerous times beside our bed like Chucky, and we've had to march her back to bed, and start the whole soothing process over again. In addition to my three standard-pregnant-lady-racehorse-stream bathroom trips in the middle of the night, you can imagine our family sleep has been a little lacking. 

On this sweltering Texas day, I am dreaming of a quiet, shadowy, peaceful place to rest my that is far far away from the sounds of people, cars, dogs, the giant pile of mess in my house, and smells faintly of herbs, ocean, lemon, and other non-gross things. Somewhere like this:

Or perhaps under a canopy?

Or under a tree?

Or to the sound of ocean waves? Yes, I think so. 

Or maybe I can borrow your gypsy caravan and drive out into the country and disappear for a few hours (like 12)? 

Restfully yours, 

**I did not source images individually, for credits link to my pinterest board "rest my head

Friday, June 7, 2013


Puffy pink spring blossoms on a Sunday morning. 

Cute hippie babies in the sandbox. 

Dog-testing the new rug arrangement. Dog approved. 

Homemade blueberry popsicles to cure the after nap blues. 

A couple of Texas wildflowers in a vase (pre-new paint job). 

Have a beautiful weekend!