Monday, June 10, 2013


Being in the throes of the first trimester "icks", my last week can pretty much be summed up with sweltering heat, rowdy toddlers, and an absolute assault of offensive smells.  I can hardly stand to look at food, let alone smell it. I will make an exception for baking cookies or cake. I'm doing my best to rally, and be a good mommy, but it is taking every ounce of energy just to be a functioning human. 

We are also transitioning Ruby into her big-girl bed as she is suddenly jumping out of her crib Macgyver-style at all hours of the night. Each night this week she has popped up numerous times beside our bed like Chucky, and we've had to march her back to bed, and start the whole soothing process over again. In addition to my three standard-pregnant-lady-racehorse-stream bathroom trips in the middle of the night, you can imagine our family sleep has been a little lacking. 

On this sweltering Texas day, I am dreaming of a quiet, shadowy, peaceful place to rest my that is far far away from the sounds of people, cars, dogs, the giant pile of mess in my house, and smells faintly of herbs, ocean, lemon, and other non-gross things. Somewhere like this:

Or perhaps under a canopy?

Or under a tree?

Or to the sound of ocean waves? Yes, I think so. 

Or maybe I can borrow your gypsy caravan and drive out into the country and disappear for a few hours (like 12)? 

Restfully yours, 

**I did not source images individually, for credits link to my pinterest board "rest my head

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