Monday, June 3, 2013


I've never had wallpaper in my house, mostly because I rent. I think it is stunning, especially with so many incredible patterns out there,  but it is just so much work and so much commitment. Patterns come and go. A few years ago it was all about damask. Now you can't escape the Ikat and chevron. Someday, though, I'm going to go for a bold pattern in one of our spaces. Some inspirations on this blue Monday. 

Incredible Gradient paper..can you imagine matching this up..ugh. 
Love this. A little tribal, but classic. Striking, yet casual.
Traditional and formal.
I've posted this image before. My idea of perfection. A little retro, a little glam but doable even if you have "alley" furniture. 
I'm so over damask, but I would love to veg out in this pattern-heavy room. And pairing it with this insane quilt is really working for me. 
This room arrangement is stiff and this powdery purple is really just wrong, and I pretty much hate this art on that pattern, but this paper is pretty great. I know, I need to learn to form an opinion.
Earthy, simple, beautiful. And chartreuse velvet is always a hell yeah. This couch is screaming for a red/orange/pink pillow.
These cabinets are pretty ick, but fresh and fun pattern. I'd pair this with a simple wood console, a big black and white photograph and a big vase of colorful flowers. 
Pretty fancy schmancy, but love the pairing with the vermilion door. This whole vignette needs to be "unstuffed," but stunning paper nonetheless. 
Dreamy boho yumminess.

Hope your Monday is a little less blue. 

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