Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I may be a few steps behind, but I've recently discovered the amazing website THE GLOW. THE GLOW is a website dedicated to beautiful, successful moms, mostly working in the fields of high fashion, interiors, etc., at home with their kids. 
Girls actress Jemima Kirke
If you love looking at beautiful interiors, enviably stylish women, and are a self-confessed, People-magazine-type-snoop, who can't resist seeing a glimpse of strangers' personal lives, this site is for you.
Cynthia Rowley
Yes, their homes are enviably ginormous and beautiful, and yes, they look impossibly chic in their designer mom clothes.  True, most of these women spend more on shampoo than I would on a sofa, but the honest dialogue about motherhood and family life, accompanying each photo spread is refreshing and candid.  

Tibi owner Amy Smilovic
Yes, kids frolic and tumble in Stella McCartney and J.Crew instead of Old Navy and Target, and their lists of go-to baby goods are REDONK expensive, but reading each woman's personal comments, I found that the experience of motherhood is the same no matter how perfect and fabulous your life looks from the outside. (thank god)
Alana Varel founder Starworks Group
Overwhelming guilt, feelings of isolation when you first become a mother, and the unavoidable state of being covered in vomit/food/shit on a regular basis, is a common theme whether you wake up in a tiny rental apartment or a gorgeous brownstone in NYC. Honest admissions of finding it hard to be present for your kids when you want to be doing something else, and the occasional forgotten shower offer a fresh and relate-able perspective that is usually hidden under the polish of false perfection and glossy photos.  
actress Constance Zimmer
What makes THE GLOW so great is that the beautiful and raw glimpse of "how successful women manage it all" is refreshingly honest. They don't. Check it out. . . 
Nadine Ferber founder tenoverten 


**all photos courtesy of THE GLOW

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