Monday, July 22, 2013


It's been a while since I had a blue Monday post. My awesome super-daddy, kick-butt, partner-in-crime, soul-mate, rock-star-hubby is going back to work today after six weeks of summer fun and laziness.  All are feeling blue. The dog will miss long walks, the Bug will miss silly Daddy games, and I will miss having another rational adult to talk to during the long week. 

We love you Daddio! (Ruby's word)  Happy Back to School. Some blue images for the day: 
My new blue planner. Which I can't function without once I'm managing this compound on my own! I'm a mad lister. 

If only coffee looked like this in the morning. 
It doesn't it looks like this. It looks more like me carrying around a giant mug with a bleary-eyed look on my face while a midget screams for cheerios and my dog scratches at the door. 

If only I came downstairs to this kitchen. Yeah my kitchen doesn't look much like this in the morning.
And if only my stairs looked like this on the way to my sunny kitchen.
If only this were the sofa I perched upon while planning our day. 
And if only we were heading here. Instead of sniffles, coughing and soup today. (Although does this look freakishly dangerous to anyone else?)
I think I'd be a lot less blue. I hope you have a few more weeks of summer!

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