Thursday, September 26, 2013

FARM FRESH 9-26-13

I'm always on a never-ending quest to use up all of the squash and zucchini we get from our CSA. I'm just not a fan of eating it straight up. 
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I found this AMAZING recipe for Zucchini Bread and made it this morning. 

Oh my yumminess...The perfect morning treat for fall (although it's supposed to be 100 frackin' degrees in Austin today ARG). 

I cut the recipe in half (just use 2 eggs..don't worry about splitting one) and made one loaf. About 45 minutes was enough. 

**Important notes: I highly recommend adding a little shredded carrot, tiny pinch of nutmeg, grated orange zest, and a big handful of raisins or craisins to make it INSANE. Pairs well with Jayhawks radio on Pandora. 

I ate it on a plate, with butter and a napkin, like a real human (Ruby was gone). The baby kicked me super hard and said "hell yes" as I finished the last crumb. 

Happy Fall!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Today is my hubby's birthday. Words cannot express how much this guy means to me. He is my partner in every way.  He works hard all day to support us--teaching other kids how to read, write, and dream. 

Then comes home and gives this little monster his full attention. He is a crazy good daddy. 

He does ALL of the grocery shopping. ALL OF IT. Every weekend. And he's way more thorough than me. 

And somehow still finds time to be hilarious, kind, supportive, and loving. 

We love you, Scott. 
Happy Bday. 

Rach & Rubes
P.S. I picked up beer. 

Monday, September 23, 2013


Remember months ago, I was in the midst of a big lower-level makeover? I painted our main living space in a serene and sophisticated shade of gray.

I had hoped to do a big juicy reveal of the final product, but I've realized this isn't possible because the truth is, I'm never quite done!!  The final product will be a snapshot of my house on the day I am too old to move stuff around! 

Starting a home-decorating project is like a opening a big can of worms. Suddenly, you find yourself rearranging art, shuffling lamps from room to room and generally deciding that everything has to change along with your paint job.

The biggest hurdle now is giving my dingy, dog-abused, antique sofa a face-lift without spending a fortune.  It has great lines and is a nice size for our teeny space..I plan to have it professionally reupholstered when my dog moves to heaven. 

I have been contemplating either covering it with a slipcover or blanket, doing a reupholster job myself (yikes and still expensive), or trying this crazy-daisy thing I saw on the pinternet where you actually paint the darn thing!

It was once ivory but it is now dirty ivory. Now that I have neutral walls, I've been very attracted to a bold, statement sofa like these to give the room some awesomeness. 

Perhaps patchwork?

Or a bold tribal print like Ikat?

I threw this fabric over it to "test it." This is actually a shower curtain from Target. Ikat always looks bold and would be inexpensive to use this piece of fabric, but then it is sooo trendy and I'm getting close to being "over it." 

Our house is small and my family adds a lot of "pattern."  Adding another child to the mix in the next few months has me editing my knick-knacks, paring down my accessories and overall looking for a little simplicity in our house. If I did something solid or close to solid then I could switch out my pillows and accessories as my tastes change.. I've considered several colors that would be fam-friendly yet still bold enough to stand out with the new gray. If I tried painting it I have the entire color spectrum at my disposal....hmmmm

Perhaps green?

Or aqua?

This midnight blue is really speaking to me and would cover so many sins! 

Stay tuned this week to see what I decided on! 

**All photo sources can be found on my Pinterest board "Sofa" 


Friday, September 20, 2013


Last night, here in Austin, I had the pleasure of viewing a special screening of Birth Story The film about Ina May Gaskin and the Farm Midwives. It was hosted by Ina's friend and farm alum Kathleen Rosemary.  

It was nothing short of WONDERFUL. The humor, intelligence, and honestly of  Ina May herself added so much to the enjoyment of watching this film. It was incredible to see so many faces from her infamous book, Spiritual Midwifery (Thanks, Andrea!) come to life and to see so many of Austin's birth community come together (all those bellies!!). 
sorry about the assey pic
As many of you know I am planning a natural home birth with a midwife for my baby due in January. I assume that most of my child-bearing-age peers have seen or at least heard of The Business of Being Born (Netflix ya'll...) and maybe even know at least one person who has employed a midwife and or doula, either at home, or at birth center. Still, as many people do not understand this decision, I hope to shed some light on this topic as it is extremely important to me. 

I plan to share my first birth story with Ruby (nearly 3) along the way--a planned home birth, in which I developed complications at week 30 and resulted in a C-section several weeks prior to my due date. 

But first, today, some simple truths to ponder. Please note: These are NOT my opinion. These are FACTS. 

  • Studies have proven that a warm and familiar setting enables the body's physiology to naturally curb pain and labor more effectively.
  • Each intervention in the natural process can beget another intervention. This cascade effect, or action/reaction, can lead to unnecessary complications such as bleeding or infections. 
  • Example: Pitocin induceds labor, Induction creates stronger unnatural contractions with more pain, More pain equals epidural, epidural equals less feeling to control progress and pushing resulting in tears, fear, fetal stress, and loss of progress, Fetal stress leads to last minute (and often unnecessary)  C-section. C-Section, though now considered routine is ABDOMINAL SURGERY. Now visit list of medications involved in recovering from surgery. PS Your newborn infant is now on all of these drugs as well if you are breastfeeding. 
  • Without drug intervention, babies are less likely to experience complications.
  • The rate of C-sections in the U.S. has risen to nearly 30%. However, at home your risk of transferring for a c-section is 3.8%.
  • The U.S. spends 98 billion on hospitalization for pregnancy and childbirth (the highest in the world) but our maternal death rate has doubled in the last 25 years. We are 50th  in the entire world for maternal death rates. 

More to come..
PS If you would like to join this discussion with comments, please keep them respectful and informed. Thank you! 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Our Texas seasonal bounty from the CSA has been pretty predictable lately...  eggplant, peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, greens, and squash.
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Last night I made this recipe for Eggplant Involtini..It was crazy good in an authentic Italian kind of way. I also used my home-made sauce as a component. yum.
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I've been turning all of my unused greens (collards, sweet potato greens, bok choys) into some sort of curry. I used this Radiant Bok Choy recipe for inspiration but added fresh garlic, a little hot curry powder and a tsp of brown sugar.
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I have a plethora of butternut squash staring at me from the pantry and this week I'm roasting up one to make this Ricotta Stuffed Shell recipe. The rest should make it to soup season when the temps drop here to a cool 90 degrees. sigh. I miss Fall.
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Happy Eating!