Monday, September 23, 2013


Remember months ago, I was in the midst of a big lower-level makeover? I painted our main living space in a serene and sophisticated shade of gray.

I had hoped to do a big juicy reveal of the final product, but I've realized this isn't possible because the truth is, I'm never quite done!!  The final product will be a snapshot of my house on the day I am too old to move stuff around! 

Starting a home-decorating project is like a opening a big can of worms. Suddenly, you find yourself rearranging art, shuffling lamps from room to room and generally deciding that everything has to change along with your paint job.

The biggest hurdle now is giving my dingy, dog-abused, antique sofa a face-lift without spending a fortune.  It has great lines and is a nice size for our teeny space..I plan to have it professionally reupholstered when my dog moves to heaven. 

I have been contemplating either covering it with a slipcover or blanket, doing a reupholster job myself (yikes and still expensive), or trying this crazy-daisy thing I saw on the pinternet where you actually paint the darn thing!

It was once ivory but it is now dirty ivory. Now that I have neutral walls, I've been very attracted to a bold, statement sofa like these to give the room some awesomeness. 

Perhaps patchwork?

Or a bold tribal print like Ikat?

I threw this fabric over it to "test it." This is actually a shower curtain from Target. Ikat always looks bold and would be inexpensive to use this piece of fabric, but then it is sooo trendy and I'm getting close to being "over it." 

Our house is small and my family adds a lot of "pattern."  Adding another child to the mix in the next few months has me editing my knick-knacks, paring down my accessories and overall looking for a little simplicity in our house. If I did something solid or close to solid then I could switch out my pillows and accessories as my tastes change.. I've considered several colors that would be fam-friendly yet still bold enough to stand out with the new gray. If I tried painting it I have the entire color spectrum at my disposal....hmmmm

Perhaps green?

Or aqua?

This midnight blue is really speaking to me and would cover so many sins! 

Stay tuned this week to see what I decided on! 

**All photo sources can be found on my Pinterest board "Sofa" 


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