Monday, September 9, 2013


I may be way behind on this one, but is anyone else out there following along with the "Manger" blog? WOW.

Manger is a chronicle of foodie writer Mimi Thorisson and her ridiculously gorgeous life as a gourmand in the wine country region of Me'doc, France.

Most of the recipes are way over my head..even for someone who loves cheffin' it up in the kitchen, but OMG.. The photos, shot by her husband Oddur are stunningly gorgeous. Every single one looks like a friggin' Dutch still life.

Mimi herself is outstandingly gorgeous and stylish as are her SIX... yep SIX.. kids.

While I'm convinced you cannot take a bad photograph in the French countryside, it is utterly inspirational to page through this blog and marvel at the gorgeous life Mimi has created.  AND they have the cutest dogs I have ever seen.

The whole thing left me feeling utterly cheap and American in a paper-plate-and-chicken-nugget kind of way. After bingeing on her blog, I dug out an actual table cloth and put flowers on the table for dinner. I plan to post a photo of Mimi on my dashboard every time I get a craving for a Big Mac. Also, note to self: collect more antique plates.

Check it out!

All photos courtesy of Manger by Oddur Thorisson 

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