Thursday, September 5, 2013


About a million years ago, I got my degree in Interior Design. It wasn't really a million years ago, it just feels like it because since then, I got married, moved across the country, became a parent and started my own business.  While my current day job is more about Curious George, potty training, and Cheerios, I am feeling that it may be time to get my foot back in the Design Services world.

Just for fun I decided to pull out some old files from my school days and relive some of the more exciting projects..just to get the juices flowing. I thought I'd share a few of my favorite images here. 

A children's theatre..complete with enchanted forest lobby, stained glass exterior and swirling ornate staircases.

An urban art gallery in an industrial neighborhood.

A small flower shop transformation in a historic Saint Paul, MN neighborhood.

A coffee shop

And some other random renderings from the early days.

I felt proud looking back at this work and remembering that I have more skills than convincing my two year old not to stage dive off her dresser...although an important skill once you go to college, surely.


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