Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Dear Blog, I neglect you so! When it comes down to all of my responsibilities and projects you get de-prioritized more often than my pesky dog.  Annnnnnnyway.

Here's the latest! The ever-fabulous blogger Jamie Meares of I Suwannee picked up three pieces of my One Man's Trash jewelry to feature in her Fall Flea event this weekend at Furbish (her shop in Raleigh). I have been following along with her and the Furb ladies for a few years and was utterly thrilled when they contacted me about supplying their shop. This was really my first large-scale wholesale order, and it was an undertaking of massive proportions for little ole me. Here's a pic of the goods all piled up and ready to ship. 

I learned a lot, made a ton of time-suck errors, and learned what it really means to source things on a larger scale. I hope to do more wholesale orders in the future (spread the word!) and will be more prepared next time. This is normally what I would make in 5 months time and I did it in 3 and a half weeks, all while chasing Ruby, growing a human, and getting ready for a photo shoot of our home. gahhhh...too. much.

On that note, my good friend, Sarah, of La Maison Boheme, was here in Austin this weekend shooting our little bohemian abode for Houzz.com. It was great to see her and I am so excited to see the photos of our place and read the feature. Again this was an undertaking of massive proportions, simply because I suffer from "home project A.D.D." That is, I had approximately 8,000 unfinished DIY projects going in our house that needed to be completed for the shoot. I finished approximately 7,842 of them right before she walked in the door, but all in all I was pleased with the results and enjoyed the 3 hours of cleanliness and style before my family returned to add their particular layer of chaos and mess again.  It's amazing how long you can live with marker on the wall and manage to not even see it anymore. 

While she was here, she snapped a few candids of us, including some of Ruby that are ridonkulous cute. I will share the link as soon as the article comes out. It feels good to have the house in a state of semi-completion before the baby arrives in January. 

On THAT note. I. am. officially. big.  Yep, the floor is getting farther away, my feet are out of reach, and its officially starting to suck to get up and down in my two-story house. I'm somewhere around 28/29 weeks...in the home stretch I suppose...and getting very excited to meet our baby.  I'm feeling as good as you can when you're a planet, and realizing that I need to slow down.  I'm planning to write more about my birth experiences and decision to aim for a home birth again this time, in the coming weeks. I'll try to keep it as informative and clear as I can. This is a passionate issue for me so bear with me if I get out of hand. 

See you again soon, I promise!! 

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Sarah Greenman said...

Your home was SO gorgeous and I have pictures to prove it! Even if it got the "Ruby Treatment" after I left. Thank you so much for having me over and letting me take some pics of your beautiful (and growing) family. xoxoxoxoxo