Thursday, October 17, 2013


Today is my fourth wedding anniversary and I can honestly say I am just as in love, or more so, with my hubby than on the day we said our I Do's.  Life isn't as carefree as it used to be. 

(Beers may have been involved in the making of this photo)
We rarely get to go on dates or have an uninterrupted conversation, yet somehow I feel like we are closer, communicate better, and accept each other more than we did when we were just a two-some.

I've mentioned before what an awesome partner and father my husband is. But more than that, he is my best friend and understands me for exactly who I am and still seems to like me anyway. And it's mutual.

I will never understand why his ear wax is so orange.?? eww.  And he will never, never understand why it is physically impossible for me to put a pickle jar lid on straight or shut my closet light off.  But we accept these things about each other and still manage to enjoy each others' company.

Everyone says marriage is hard. Sure its hard in that annoying, cohabiting, arguing-about-where-to-put-stuff way, but honestly it hasn't been hard for us yet. I'm sure there are challenges to come, especially since we are adding another energy-sucking little ball of cuteness to the mix in a few months, but, overall we are really truly on the same page and I'm so grateful.

Our marriage doesn't usually look like this

But a movie. 
Some little nuances about my marriage that I love in no particular order. . .

When we get a frozen pizza, I put all of my pepperonis on his side and he loads me up with the mushrooms. Ahh, happiness. 

It's okay to say to each other, "I want to hang by myself tonight" without the other one feeling rejected, insecure or thinking something is wrong. Sometimes we just need space. But then we end up Facebook chatting from upstairs to downstairs anyway. We are lazy like that. 

When we have leftovers, he gives me the clean, carcass-free pieces of meat for my container and takes all the icky bits (ewww) for himself. He doesn't think they are icky so it works out. 

Sometimes when one of us is stressed out or worrying about an errand/task/paperwork, the other one just takes care of it--without being asked. Isn't that the best?

I don't feel like I ever have to pretend to be someone or something I am not. And I think he feels that way too. We are both perfectly imperfect but his imperfections don't really bug me too much. The things that really matter to me are always there.

Happy Anniversary sweetie. I love you more than Frito scoops and salsa. 

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