Thursday, November 28, 2013


Happy Turkey Day, America!! 

I'm thankful for: 

1.My beautiful, healthy, and spunky daughter, Ruby.

2. My best friend and super husband, Scott. 

3. This pregnancy and everything with it. 

4. Midwives and doulas. See #3. 

5. Never-ending sunshine in Texas.

6. The amazing people who make it possible for me to make money doing something creative.

7. Netflix. :)

8. Everything we have including our beautiful home, vehicles, and possessions. People live with so much less than we have everyday. 

9. Thrift stores. 

10. The internet. For allowing me to connect with people far away both today and every other day of the year. 

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 
Thanks for reading and Go Packers. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Please, please don't spend your day off standing in line at Walmart! (Or if you're still at work today, embrace the total waste-of-time that is the day before a holiday and browse the internet all day.)

Cozy up in your favorite jammies, park in front of the computer and check out Etsy!! They have everything for everyone and you're supporting small, hard-working artisans/owners who are thrilled to have your business!!

Just a reminder my early shopper sale continues until December 4! Get 20% off in the shops with code holiday20. I've been working like one of Santa's elves this week trying to get some new product in the jewelry shop

New items added each day, including these new lovelies! (Will be live by the end of the day if you see a must-have)

Please message me asap if you would like something custom! 

Also if you're in the Austin area, the Blue Genie Art Bazaar opens Friday night at Marchesa Hall. Browse hundreds of talented Austin artists, including my friend at Crescent City Couture, who are all selling their wares for the holidays--and. . .for all you lucky, non-gestating people, they have a great bar to hit up while you shop. (sigh)

Tis the season!

Monday, November 25, 2013


simple loveliness courtesy of
Pretty much all urges and emotions occurring right now can be somehow traced back to late pregnancy. Even my design inspiration has been influenced!  

Suddenly I have an overwhelming need for clean, bright, clutter-free spaces. The thought of adding another being to our already over-crowded stuff-o-sphere has me yearning to paint everything white, bull-doze our stuff into the donation box and hang up a couple of green plants. White or pale, open spaces with splashes of subdued color, vintage patina, and rich textures are the most appealing. 

I suppose its natural as your life gets more chaotic to crave a more neutral palette, natural materials and minimalist environments.  While the idea of me, the color and pattern addict, going all white in my home is about as likely as suddenly becoming an avid runner, I am finding small ways to minimize clutter, find light, simplify our living spaces and pare down to those beautiful essentials that let life become the focal point. 

A few inspirations. . . 
This open, bright entry way. . . perfect for riding tricycle around and around and around and....around. That pile of sticks is a disaster waiting to happen. Might as well set the princess band-aids next to it. 

Clean white tile, greens, a few good products, and soft simple lights. 

Pale and bright, restful, vintage touches, and a splash of color and pattern. YES. 

More light, more greens, and more treasured vintage.  Are you seeing a theme, here?

More clean white tile. I imagine that the clean white towels in this bathroom do not smell like mildew, dog, or pee pee. 

Natural wood spiral staircase. ME.OW. Although, at the moment I am so over stairs in general. Not prego or infant-friendly. 

Pale, bright, wood and oversize art with color. Perfect. 

Love the huge mirror and light. My kid would wreck this open shelving. Like, where do they keep the soft scrub? 

A little too country but would love to have my coffee here. Again open-shelving nightmare. Does no one else know any toddlers?

Pretty sure I would not sleep with a pallet looming over my head or my infant, but stopping at the headboard...this look is PERFECTION in my book. 

Yes, yes, yes. And the incorporation of blue. Uh-huh. 

A little kid chaos couldn't ruin the Zen of this space. 

Enjoy. . . 

All images can be sourced on my pinterest board "simple spaces."

Friday, November 15, 2013


Just some happy things.. 

Two accident free days this week.Yay Ruby! I emptied it first. You're welcome.

Feeling proud. (She's either in full princess garb or naked??)

Adorable kid art on my fridge remind me how much I love being a mom. Especially on days when I don't. 

That certain angle of fall sunshine. 

Strong women who are rallying around me right now. 

This awesome and free-ish 5 minute project I saw on Pinterest. 

It was super have all this on hand. Loving it!

It was inevitable. "mom, I fell in."  Yeah, right. 

Unexpected bonus: rainbow dyed undies.

Have a happy weekend! 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


So basically this is my way of conning you, my loyal shoppers, into buying your gifts and holiday party jewelry EARLY so that I can sit around in my jammies and eat cookies and goodies as Christmas approaches. 

Now until December fourth, get 20% off anything in my Jewelry shop OR my vintage shop, using code holiday20 at checkout.  

I typically share this promo with past customers, friends, family, and blog-readers, but please feel free to pass it along to anyone you think would be interested! 

Your goods will come wrapped for the holidays (with one end open for peeking) and ready to give. 

More items will be added throughout the month so check back each week! Please message me about custom orders as early as possible.  Here's a peek of some of the goods. . . 

At One Man's Trash

And over at shopOMT.

Happy Early Shopping! (C'mon help a pregnant lady out) 

PS. don't forget the coupon code at checkout! 

Monday, November 11, 2013


This weekend just went way too fast. 

I am already really looking forward to the holiday break for our family. There just always seem to be so many chores--especially preparing for another child--and as I am hitting the planetary size of third trimester I am having to rely on Scott more and more. Poor chap.  We already miss Daddy and its only 8 in the morning. 

Some beautiful blue images to cheer us up. 

This wallpaper. 

These pillows. I might have to try a diy version of these.. maybe if I do it outside, Ruby can help.

This cake. I'm very attracted to cake right now. Be strong. Be strong. 

This bathroom. So clean and fresh and unlike my own. 

This entryway. All boho and stuff. 

These doors. That view. 

This everything. And more sleep. 

Hope your Monday is less blue. . . 

All image sources can be found on my Pinterest board blue & white.