Monday, November 11, 2013


This weekend just went way too fast. 

I am already really looking forward to the holiday break for our family. There just always seem to be so many chores--especially preparing for another child--and as I am hitting the planetary size of third trimester I am having to rely on Scott more and more. Poor chap.  We already miss Daddy and its only 8 in the morning. 

Some beautiful blue images to cheer us up. 

This wallpaper. 

These pillows. I might have to try a diy version of these.. maybe if I do it outside, Ruby can help.

This cake. I'm very attracted to cake right now. Be strong. Be strong. 

This bathroom. So clean and fresh and unlike my own. 

This entryway. All boho and stuff. 

These doors. That view. 

This everything. And more sleep. 

Hope your Monday is less blue. . . 

All image sources can be found on my Pinterest board blue & white.

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