Monday, November 25, 2013


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Pretty much all urges and emotions occurring right now can be somehow traced back to late pregnancy. Even my design inspiration has been influenced!  

Suddenly I have an overwhelming need for clean, bright, clutter-free spaces. The thought of adding another being to our already over-crowded stuff-o-sphere has me yearning to paint everything white, bull-doze our stuff into the donation box and hang up a couple of green plants. White or pale, open spaces with splashes of subdued color, vintage patina, and rich textures are the most appealing. 

I suppose its natural as your life gets more chaotic to crave a more neutral palette, natural materials and minimalist environments.  While the idea of me, the color and pattern addict, going all white in my home is about as likely as suddenly becoming an avid runner, I am finding small ways to minimize clutter, find light, simplify our living spaces and pare down to those beautiful essentials that let life become the focal point. 

A few inspirations. . . 
This open, bright entry way. . . perfect for riding tricycle around and around and around and....around. That pile of sticks is a disaster waiting to happen. Might as well set the princess band-aids next to it. 

Clean white tile, greens, a few good products, and soft simple lights. 

Pale and bright, restful, vintage touches, and a splash of color and pattern. YES. 

More light, more greens, and more treasured vintage.  Are you seeing a theme, here?

More clean white tile. I imagine that the clean white towels in this bathroom do not smell like mildew, dog, or pee pee. 

Natural wood spiral staircase. ME.OW. Although, at the moment I am so over stairs in general. Not prego or infant-friendly. 

Pale, bright, wood and oversize art with color. Perfect. 

Love the huge mirror and light. My kid would wreck this open shelving. Like, where do they keep the soft scrub? 

A little too country but would love to have my coffee here. Again open-shelving nightmare. Does no one else know any toddlers?

Pretty sure I would not sleep with a pallet looming over my head or my infant, but stopping at the headboard...this look is PERFECTION in my book. 

Yes, yes, yes. And the incorporation of blue. Uh-huh. 

A little kid chaos couldn't ruin the Zen of this space. 

Enjoy. . . 

All images can be sourced on my pinterest board "simple spaces."

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