Monday, December 30, 2013


This room is just too gorgeous. It has everything I love: gray walls, light, white trim, black French doors, wood floors, touches of leather, awesome chandelier, and big bold patch of blue... GORGEOUS. PERFECT. A+++
Uh... It's Monday, right?  It's funny how the days of the week don't matter when you're on holiday break. Even though we don't have the normal return to work and routines that usually give us the blues, there's a little cloud hanging over us today.

While the three of us shared a beautiful, peaceful Christmas Day together--full of present-opening fun, delicious home-cooked meals, and a holiday movie binge with cookies, the natural give and take of life's master plan was following us.

On Christmas evening, my father-in-law was unexpectedly taken from us at the age of 74. Today at services in Minnesota, this loss will be felt by his entire community, his wife, his 6 children, his 12 grandchildren,  7 great-grandchildren and even his annoying little dog.

Some beautiful blues in honor of a wonderful man...

With a little green?

Lively prints?

This one that looks a lot like my own living room, except, you know, classier.

And one that isn't blue at all. My father-in-law and little Rubes.

My husband posted this beautiful piece on Facebook. I think this sums it up.

"I will miss my dad, who died this Christmas, so much. He was one of the kindest, most caring people I have ever met. He could fix anything with tape and a Swiss army knife, which he always had in his pocket. He loved his family, friends and strangers without reserve. He was the guy who would pull over on a dark night and help you on the side of the road. When I was little he would look over the top of his glasses and I knew I crossed the line. He helped me make chocolate milkshakes before bed and always read me stories. When I was older he helped me build Pinewood Derby cars and took me on adventures in the Canadian wilderness I will never forget. He taught me what it meant to love and how to be a father. And now, when I hold my little girl I am a better man because of it."

We'll miss you Grandpa Larry.

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