Thursday, December 12, 2013


If you are into design, chances are you think about it ALL the time--almost to an unhealthy level. While some folks lie awake at night worrying about bills, I'm thinking about how I would rearrange your furniture and switch out your cabinet hardware. For reals. Call me, I probably already have a rough space plan for your home.

For example, recently I took Ruby to her first movie, Disney's Frozen, which can only described as a colossal parenting fail on my part. She was pretty much terrified by the dark theater, lack of people (Monday matinee), eardrum splitting audio, and previews (Angelina as Maleficent=TERRIFYING). 

Her little three-year-old body wasn't heavy enough to hold down the flip-up seat, so half the time I would look over and her ankles would be up by her ears with her popcorn all over her hair. She ended up on my (giant, pregnant) lap about 30 minutes into it and told me that she was "ready to go."  Sigh. 

We made it to the end with much shuffling, and negotiating, and while I was completely unimpressed by Disney's latest, I did find myself spacing out on design and enjoying the Scandinavian setting and folksy costumes of the latest princess set. 

This got me thinking about folk patterns of Northern Europe and how beautiful they are as design elements--especially this time of year, as they seem to go hand-in-hand with winter.  Being the Pinterest addict that I am (they should be paying me), I gathered a collection of beautiful "folksy style" images to inspire you today. 

I searched Scandinavian, Hungarian, Polish, and Russian folk design. While all share similarities, like intricate, swirling, colorful, patterns based on nature motifs, as I disappeared into all of the images I began to see the subtle differences between each origin. 

I was most attracted to the Hungarian textiles as the colors seem to be the most vibrant. Most of the patterns are a version of some kind of delicate painting or old world style of embroidery/fiber work--and being the Crafty Crafterson (my ancestral name) that I am, this is, of course, straight up my alley. (I think I need to make those jeans. . .you know, when I'm back in clothes with waist-bands).

Also, If you have not heard of Ulyana Sergeenko, she is a Russian couturier who not only designs incredible fashions with this folksy, bohemian, Euro-style in mind, but is also abnormally beautiful and fabulous herself. 

The world seems terribly unbalanced when I look at images of this woman. Somehow she manages to pull off old-world style with a very modern day vibe and not look ridiculous, all while being all big eyed and full-lipped. Check her out. Gorgeous. 

While I won't be heading back to the movies with my littles anytime soon, I will be trekking to the theater this weekend and geeking out on the next Hobbit movie-- enjoying my last free days without an infant attached to my booby (one month!!) and probably some mini corn dogs. Who knows, next week you may be reading about "Middle Earth style." My design brain never quits working, people. 


PS. Sources for all images can be found on my Pinterest board Blog Posts.

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Sarah Greenman said...

Wow! So many beautiful pieces!