Friday, December 20, 2013


I made it! Holiday break officially begins tonight! Shopping is done, the house is decorated and Daddy will be home for two and a half weeks. I'll be spending the next week, wrapping presents for Ruby, washing baby goods and continuing my search for Zen in our humble abode. 

I have a few (million) more little organization projects I'd like to complete and the quest for light and space continues. I find myself obsessively pinning images of clean, white spaces, donating bags of tired goods, and putting away clutter. 

I even bought white dishtowels as I've decided we aren't having any more linens in this house that can't be bleached. Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. That's my mantra. And speaking of clean, beautiful linens, Serena and Lily has 70% their sale items today. We are in desperate need of new sheets and I have lusted after their simple, high quality styles since the day they opened. I got this gorgeous set for $60. Sick. I am so excited. Their stuff is usually way out of my price range. 

More images that have inspired me. 

And after seeing these images:

I have been obsessing over painting our thrift-store dining room table. One, it is orangey soft pine and shows the tiniest of scratches, and two, it has this crevice where food and naste tends to accumulate after every use. I am planning to spackle it and put a fresh coat of surprise surprise white paint over it in the hopes that the sunshine reflecting into my Cheerios will energize me on tired mama mornings. 

Stay tuned. 

Hope your holiday season finds you filled with gratitude, contentment, and simplicity. 

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