Friday, December 13, 2013


Third trimester "nesting" is a real thing, people. While two weeks ago all I could do was sit on my butt and stare at the people moving around me, this week I am having a burst of energy that has me rearranging, going through piles, and putting my spices in neat little rows. If you thought I was done designing my home after my feature, clearly you don't know me well.

There are a million projects I am dying to complete before baby arrives in just FOUR WEEKS. eeeek. The quest for light and space in our humble abode, continues and I am more and more attracted to all things white and simple. Perhaps it is the premonition of needing to check into a mental institution when you have more than one small child. . .

Anyway, there is white paint happening here. The first thing I tackled was our most-used room in the house: the sunroom. This tiny 8x8 space has had many incarnations over the last 3 and a half years. It has been a sunroom, a guest bedroom, a TV room and most recently--and probably permanently--the playroom. An old video of Ruby navigating the step. 

It gets beautiful light, has washable floors and provides a great vista to some green space in the backyard, (aww...butt cheek :). Visually, it triples our living space by incorporating our yard into our square footage.

I know what you're thinking...Rachel, is it really a good idea to make design decisions while you are pregnant? Do you not remember the citron kitchen and the salmon living room.

Shudder. I remember, but hey this is white--I can't screw this up too much, right?  

So anyhow, this room is where the kiddies play. Ruby is getting a new desk, stocked with little kid bits, for Christmas as she is obsessed with my jewelry studio desk.  She loves to climb up to any desk and pretend to "work." Adorable.  Here are some inspiration images of how I would like this room to look.


Here is the before shot. Not horrible, but it no longer jives with the aesthetic of the grown-up part of the house. (i.e. no more citron..shudder)

Here is what I did yesterday.

I have also been sitting on this wood chandelier and I think this is the perfect place to use it.

Remember this one dollar flea market find? I saw this image of a clay chandelier from Abigail Ahern several months ago and painted it a chalky gray primer.

This hung in our living room for several months until I decided we had too much stuff hanging from the ceiling in one room (ha! you, hippie!).  Then I saw these images and thought.. "ooooh. yes"

But thennnnnn. . . I saw this:

ME. OW. And with the charcoal!!??
So I bought this:

And did this.

Which gave me the perfect opportunity to try out the chalky gray/black ceiling idea I've been wanting to do, like these images:

Which turned out AMAZING, and if every other square inch of my ceiling wasn't covered in that popcorn nightmare, I would be doing this in every room. It makes the ceiling feel infinitely high and this room feel twice its size. Brilliant. Result: 

I think it is STUNNING to look at both for kids and for us. Once Ruby's Craigslist wood desk gets the Rachel rehab treatment, (I'm thinking aqua like below) and switched out with the plastic table (not til Christmas!), I will post pics of the completed space. We are getting a new wall sconce in there, too and I plan to add a few plants. Already it is so much better! 

And in case my hubby is reading this, with the exception of the marigold spray paint, 2 plastic paint liners, and some twine. I used all leftover paint and supplies that we had. Total cost of this project: $9. I know. I rock. And I'm growing your baby, too. 

More mad nesting coming up this week! 


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Sarah Greenman said...

Gasp! It's marvelous! Well done, you!